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Employee of Haldiram gets praised for tackling the questions by a reporter!

One of the biggest debates on the vast topics of the town is the meat ban and halal food debate. It seems like a famous brand is also getting the drug in it. Currently, Haldiram was being a part of the entire controversy as well. Haldiram was also in a dispute over their packaging. Talking about the food company, it is very much famous across the globe because of its excellent snacks. 

 Also, the food company has dominated many trends that are going on several social media platforms. After one of the videos, when the wire, the attention on the food company also increases. This reporter was seen heckling an employee of the company in one of its stores, and it was over the “Urdu” text on the package. 

Viral video:

As the video instantly went viral, many social media users criticized the reporter. Also, many people showed their support and love for the food company. Many social media users were proud of the employee for not bowing down in front of the reporter. Talking about the now going viral video, a report from Sudarshan News TV is seen in it. This report seems to have a verbal altercation with a woman employee. The employee at a Haldiram’s store has appeared in the video. The reporter is heard asking the employee about the product made for people fasting in Navratri.

 She pointed out that the information written behind the packet is actually in Urdu. In this viral video clip, the reporter is also heard asking the employee about it. She was asking whether they were trying to hide anything from the buyers. Also, she enquired whether the snacks consisted of any animal oil or beef oil in them. The product they are discussing is the company’s ‘Falhari Mixture.’ 

The famous snack:

One of the famous Gujarati snacks is a “sweet mingle of peanuts and potatoes with mild spices.” Well, a picture of the package on the company’s official website shows text both in English and Gujarati. It is written on the front side of the packet. There is also a green dot, symbolizing it’s a vegetarian product. “You can do whatever, ma’am. Haldiram’s will not entertain such tantrums,” the staff is heard speaking to the reporter. At the same time, the reporter was cleaning that the company was “betraying Hindus who fast during Navratri.” Wealth seems like the reporter was not done with her. 

She kept pressing the staff, looking for any answers from her side. The employee explained that people from all communities who speak different languages could also come to the store. So do there are packages they have mentioned the content in Hindi and English. “Aapko Urdu kyun padhni hai, ma’am? English aur Hindi bhi hai aap ke liye (Why do you have to read in Urdu, ma’am? There are English and Hindi (written) as well),” the staff said to the reporter. 

As the reporter continues to question the staff regarding the reason behind the text in a language she can’t understand, the team replies: “If you want to have this, you can have it, if you don’t want to have it, you can just keep this here and go from my outlet.” well to make a note of that text was not in Urdu but Arabic.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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