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A YouTuber rents a helicopter to find the solutions for physics examinations.

Well, we often find maths and physics examination papers having so many tricky questions on a car or a train, and to solve such problems can always be hectic. However, ever heard that someone went that far to take a ride on a vehicle to solve such problems? Well, this Youtuber did and he just took the internet by storm.  He went ahead to fly in a helicopter to find the solution to a physics question of a physics exam and he is none other than Derek Muller.

Keller is a famous YouTuber who runs a YouTube channel named Veritasium. He got the attention of many social media users as recently rented a real chopper. Well, why did he do this? Because Meller wanted to seek answers to a hypothetical scenario. The problem was in the physics paper of a 2014 examination. “The story of a controversial physics question on the qualifying exam for the 2014 US Physics Olympiad team. How does a uniform cable beneath a helicopter hang?” Muller wrote. 

He shared the stunning video that has left many amused online who have watched it. At the beginning of the video, you can see that the YouTuber reads out the question for the viewers saying,  “A helicopter is flying horizontally at a constant speed. A perfectly flexible uniform cable is suspended beneath the helicopter. Air friction on the cable is not negligible. Which of the following diagrams best shows the shape of the cable as the helicopter flies through the air to the right?”

 Well, the question was confusing and anyone would have used regular stationary tools to try to solve it. But that is not what Miller did. Instead of using regular stationary tools like books and pens, Muller got a sponsorship deal. So, he tested the scenario and ended all debates once. Well, the man is seen lowering down a cable from the chopper. He is seen along with a 20-pound kettlebell to see how it flies and does his little experiment.

 He decides that option D is the right answer. But he attached an object with almost no weight. It is a blue flag attached at the bottom, to get the correct solution. So, the YouTuber tried the experiment once again. Well, this time lowered a bagged parachute and according to the solution section posted on the American Association of Physics Teachers (AAPT) website, “since there is air friction on the cable, then there must be a horizontal component to the force where the cable attaches to the helicopter.” [See question 19] Well, Muller stated via his experiment that the answer is likely to change as it depends on the thing that is attached to the rope. “You could get answer B, C, or D,” he said.

source = youtube
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