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Hilarious video of a monkey following the barter system with a man!

Well, currently a hilarious video of a man communicating with a monkey is taking the internet by storm and people cannot just get enough of it. So, the animal took away a pair of eyeglasses from the man in the video and has left netizens amused by its actions. The video instantly went viral on social media platforms after it was available online.

 “Smart, Ek haath do, Ek haath lo. Which means (Give from one hand, take from another),” was tweeted by IPS officer Rupin Sharma. He while sharing the short clip featuring the brief interaction between the monkey and the man posted the tweet too. Well, the video is just a short 10-second clip but has now got more than l 25,000 views online and the monkey has become very famous for sure. It is seen sitting atop a caged structure, holding a pair of spectacles in its hand looking at the man. There is also a man seen standing below. 

He tries his best to hand over a juice box to the animal so that he can get back his glasses which the monkey took away from him. His attempt to get the glasses back is surely funny. Also, the monkey, at first, appears reluctant to return the spectacles. However, as the video goes on, you can see that the animal eventually flicks it over to the man after getting the juice box from him. The post has caught the attention of so many social media users and netizens who are in love with the barter system that the monkey is seen following in the video. 

Also, it is surely clear that the video is getting so viral that it has become one of the trendiest videos now and has also got several amusing reactions online. Many social media users who came across the video commented stating how amazing the monkey is and many praised it for its smartness too. Also, few social media users were seen saying the similar situations that they have experienced, especially in temples.

 A user was seen tweeting, “Had to face a similar situation at Jakhu Temple Shimla. A monkey too(k) away my spectacles and I had to bargain with a packet of roasted channe.” It is so true that animals always tend to amaze us with their human-like behavior and this monkey just took it to a whole new level by following the barter system which was followed so many years back. However, if you are looking for a light-hearted video that can make your boring day a bit interesting and can make you laugh then surely this video is the one that you must watch now.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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