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Al Qaeda and the Islamic State are resurrecting in Afghanistan, according to a US official.

Al Qaeda and the Islamic State (IS) terrorist cells are “reconstituting” in Afghanistan, as per a senior US official. Michael Michael, General According to TOLO News, Erik Kurilla, the nominee to lead the US Central Command (CENTCOM), made the remarks while speaking to the Senate Armed Services Committee.

“The threat of Al Qaeda and IS-K to the nation is one of the challenges (Khorasan). They’re reassembling themselves. The Taliban have not declared war on Al Qaeda. With the liberation of the inmates from both Bagram and Pul-e-Charkhi, IS-K is in the process of reorganising “he stated CENTCOM’s primary offices are in the United States, but it has a forward headquarters in Qatar’s Al Udeid Air Base.

The Taliban government in Afghanistan, however, has dismissed Kurilla’s claims.
Taliban deputy spokesperson Billal Karimi issued the following statement on Wednesday: “There is no evidence or documentation to support the allegations and propaganda being spread. We keep hoping that instead of spreading false information and accusations, the international community will engage and cooperate with the Islamic Emirate.”

Following the collapse of the previous administration in August last year, a UN Security Council Monitoring Team report stated that the presence of foreign terror groups in the war-torn country had increased.
The assessment also challenged the Taliban’s willingness to prevent “international terrorist” threats from gaining a foothold in Afghanistan under the 2020 Doha Agreement, and raised concerns that foreign groups would find a safe haven there.



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