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Know How to deal your wife for a better life?

Every husband on the earth wonders how to deal with a wife. But it appears to be impossible!! Handling your wife can be more difficult than dealing with the rest of the world. It makes no difference if you are a newlywed couple or have been married for a long time; every husband should know how to handle his wife in order to have a happy married life. This is an art that no university or college can teach you. It is, in essence, a self-learning process that develops over time and experience. Your married life will be filled with happiness, love, and peace if you learn the science of handling your wife.

Let’s talk about how to handle a wife?

Understanding Personality
It is important for a husband to understand his wife’s personality. A husband should make an effort to understand his wife’s nature, behavior, and personality. Every woman is unique in her own way. One woman may enjoy spending time with you, while the other may prefer to spend time with her friends.
One woman may be dominant, while the other is submissive. As a result, it is important for the husband to know how his wife is doing. What does she enjoy and what does she like and dislike? This will assist you in reacting and behaving appropriately in your daily life in order to keep everything running smoothly.

Make her Believe She is the Most Beautiful Woman

It’s not just about beautiful skin and a well-rounded ass when we talk about a woman’s beauty. Every lady, whether dark or light-skinned, with a round or flat stomach, has her own unique attractiveness. Find these places of beauty and never be afraid to appreciate them. Every woman enjoys being complimented on her appearance.
Even if you want her to change her appearance, don’t say it directly to her face; instead, communicate your thoughts in a subtle manner. “You look great in this red dress,” for example, “but if you try other bright colors, it will look much better.”

Never Compare

If you want peace in your life, never compare your wife with any other woman. When you compliment another woman in front of your wife, she becomes jealous, and she will try to keep you away from her in the future. Know that every woman has a talent for something. If your wife isn’t up to fit in any area, that doesn’t imply you’ll treat her as if she’s a useless lady.


Celebrate Whenever you get a Chance and Surprise Her

If you are newly married, it is important that you shower your wife with gifts and surprises, as ladies enjoy being surprised. If you want to handle your wife effectively, remember significant occasions such as anniversaries and birthdays and make these occasions memorable for her. By organizing several surprises for her, or by taking her out on her special day for some fun, or by celebrating it with friends and family.

This strengthens the relationship and increases the level of understanding between the partners, and it can be really beneficial in dealing with your wife. Women love getting flower bouquets and are blown away when their favorite cake is delivered right to their door. You may always order flowers online and experience her pleasure when she least expects it as a husband. This will allow her to appreciate small gestures from you and will assist you in keeping your wife happy at all times.

Allow her to handle things her own way.

Allow her to handle her home and children in her own way, including deciding which furniture to use and what the children should do. When should they study and when should they play? Don’t get into a fight with her about these domestic issues. Every woman has her own psychology for dealing with home issues. So, leave her to her own devices and avoid getting involved in conflicts that will only serve to frustrate her.

Avoid Conflicts

If a situation occurs in which you hold differing views, you should simply end it. Stretching such topics will only make you feel anxious. Even if you are irritated, don’t hurt her with your words. The words you say to her stay with her for the rest of her life and can cause emotional tension. As a result, you should avoid engaging in a conversation with her in which your viewpoints are opposite.


Always be there for her.

Every woman believes her husband will always be there for her. You should always back your wife when she is in a fight with others. Even if you believe she is wrong, try not to insult her in front of others; instead, speak with her privately and help her understand her mistake.

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Jagriti Sharma
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