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Aligarh to be renamed as Harigarh: Zila panchayat sends a proposal.

Another city of Uttar Pradesh might be renamed if the Uttar Pradesh government accepts the proposal sent by Zila panchayat. 

During the district meeting on Monday, the Zilla Panchayat unanimously sent a proposal to rename the City of ” Aligarh as Harigarh. ” They also stated that the Dhanipur airstrip in Aligarh to be renamed as Kalyan Singh airstrip. Kalyan Singh was a resident of Lock city and was chief minister of the state during the Ram Janmabhoomi movement when the controversial Babri structure was leveled up. 

Out of 72, 50 members attended the meeting, where The meeting was boycotted by the members of Rashtriya Lok Dal and Samajwadi Party. The BJP supported members we present in the session.

The Zila panchayat chairman stated that It had been the demand of residents of the district for a long time. They sent the proposal to CM for approval and appealed to the government to accelerate the matter. There was also a demand to rename the District Sambhal as Prithviraj Nagar and Sultanpur as Khushbhawanpur.

Aligarh district comprises Hathras, Kasganj Etah, famous for its historical fort and Khereshwar temple.

The same day, Zila panchayat of Manipuri also sent a similar proposal to rename the Sage Manipuri as Mayan Nagar in its first meeting. Two members opposed the proposal, while 23 supported it.

A few days ago, Firozabad Zila panchayat passed a resolution to rename the place to its initial name Chandra Nagar. Localities believe that King Chandrasen used to live in the area, which was initially known after his name. 

A local said when Emperor Akbar visited the place, he renamed it Firozabad, and it has been long demand of residents to rename the place as it was earlier.

However, the renaming of cities is not new. A few years ago, the CM of Uttar Pradesh renamed districts and cities when Allahabad was named Paryagraj; Faizabad is now known as Ayodhya, Mughal Sarai is named as Pandit Deen Dayal Upadhayay Nagar.

When netizens got the news, it spread like wildfire. There were mixed emotions; everybody has their own opinion. Some were happy, while some were disappointed, and others were not bothered. However, we hope it would not affect the life of residents.

Fun fact: Do you know Aligarh is known as the Lock City of India? Aligarh is known for its lock manufacturing industry, where the locks are exported all over the world. The city is a hub for business people, tourists, and exporters interested in the lock industry.



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