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A New York City police officer and a good samaritan jump onto a Subway track to save a man

Currently, a very nail-biting video is going crazy on several social media platforms which is insanely getting viral at the same time too. In the video can be clearly seen that a New York Police Department officer and (NYPD) and a Subway computer jump onto the railway tracks just to save a man who lost his consciousness and fell on the tracks. The viral clip shows a man who seems unconscious on the tracks and thankfully an officer notices it.

The moment it is really spine chilling and the fact that the officer didn’t even have set it once before jumping on the Subway tracks just to save the man is remarkable for sure. He tried very hard to lift the man up and at that time a commuter also helped him. Both of them lifted the unconscious man on the platform and quickly climbed up while escaping from the incoming train.

The man who fell unconscious on the Subway tracks was Jessey Branch. he had lost consciousness due to a seizure and that’s why he faced first on the tracks as per the reports by ABC7. The New York city officer Ludin Lopez saved the man showing his bravery and told CBS2 that the train was just a minute away. The officers stated “I just saw somebody who needed my help and I reacted. I wasn’t even thinking.” The video clip of the incident was shared on Twitter initially by NYPD news and it went crazy viral within a few hours.

The caption that was with the video was “NYPD cops help New Yorkers at any cost! When a sick straphanger lost consciousness and fell on the subway tracks in the Bronx, @NYPDTransit officers didn’t hesitate for a moment to put his safety ahead of their own. We are also grateful for the good samaritan who bravely helped.” The video has hundreds of views and comments now. Netizens uploaded the bravery of both the officers as well as the commuter who didn’t even think once before jumping on the tracks just to save a man who they don’t even know.

The bravery of the person was really appreciated by many social media handlers and users who saw the video clip. People comment saying how grateful they are to have such loyal officers in the city and also many applaud the courage shown by both of them at the time when anyone would have thought eyes before jumping on the train track especially when the train was just a minute away. Later when Branch spoke about the incident he said that he only remembers that he was heading to meet a friend and the next thing he knew that he woke up and was in a hospital. The quick action of the officers really saved his life and  Branch was really thankful to the people who helped him.



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