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All the weird ways people found to fight the pandemic

Coronavirus has become a fear amongst all, as new cases are emerging day by day. After a lot of efforts by our doctors, we finally got the vaccine for coronavirus. But still, many doctors suggest how to improve immunity to make our body strong to fight against the coronavirus. While on one side the doctors are suggesting many practical ways to improve our immunity and fight against coronavirus, there are still some people who are advising weird ways to fight against the covid-19 virus, especially the politicians. From advising to avoid non-veg to advising to use cow urine to cure coronavirus, there are many bizarre statements put forth by some people. Some of them are listed below:

According to some people, cow dung and cow urine are great ways to fight the virus. Many people actually believed that the use of cow dung or spraying cow urine around the house would protect them from getting infected by the coronavirus. 

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Some people also believe that it’s better to avoid non-veg to remain protected from coronavirus. According to some people, it is believed that coronavirus is an avatar of poor creatures to punish the non-vegetarians out there, and they have come to give the message of death and punishment to one who eats them. So they believed that it would be better to avoid eating non-veg to fight against the coronavirus. They also believed that the Chinese people who eat non-veg should pledge to not harm any animals from now on so that the anger of coronavirus comes down. The Indian people who worship Gods are the believers of gau rakshak they are immune to fight against this virus.

avoid eating non-veg
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Another set of people believed that coronavirus is caused by some mental illness. So the remedy for this would be to overcome the mental illness to fight against coronavirus.

Some people really cross a certain limit. Once a woman was spotted at a departmental Store and she was covered in plastic sheets. She also protected her goods with plastic sheets.

On the other hand, one man was spotted at an airport wearing a helmet for a flight to remain protected from coronavirus. 

Wearing a mask is the best safety measure to protect ourselves from coronavirus but some people wore masks made up of weird things such as plastic bottles, water cans, etc.

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Some people believed that tying neem leaves at the door of your house and frequently sprinkling turmeric water around the house will fight against coronavirus infection. 

There was news going on the internet that a man drank rubbing alcohol in the fear that he may get infected by the coronavirus.

There are many weird and bizarre ways people suggested and also tried it in this pandemic to prevent any infection from coronavirus. These were some of the bizarre and weird points made by some people and according to them, these are the ways through which coronavirus can be fought.



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