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How safe is it to order food in the pandemic period?

The outbreak of coronavirus and the disease caused by the virus has changed nearly every person’s lifestyle. The fear among the people due to the spread of coronavirus has led to simply sitting at home to be safe from getting infected by the virus. The people have already adapted to the new normal such as social distancing, work from home, and online classes concepts so that they can stay safe at home. Along with following this type of new normal trends, people have also started to accept the trend of online food ordering too. The growth in online food ordering has increased due to the social distancing concept. As some people live alone, far away from their families it becomes difficult for them to cook food at home and so, some people switched to ordering food online. Ordering food online during this pandemic has become a great support to all the restaurants out there.

People had a fear during the beginning of the outbreak to go out and to eat, and because of that, they switched to online food ordering services, and gradually people started to like it more than going to an actual restaurant to have something. But along with that people also had some fears and thoughts going on in their minds. Some people had a fear that what if they got infected by the coronavirus as the person making food can be infected too. Also because of this pandemic, online food ordering sites such as Swiggy, Zomato, and many other websites are taking many precautions so that they can deliver food easily and safely to the customers. But still, people are afraid to take a step to order food online for the fear of getting infected by the virus. So the question is:

Can the coronavirus live on the packed foods received by customers?

Well, the chances are very low. As there are very less chances that the coronavirus can be transmitted through the food itself. The reason behind this is that the food we have ordered has a high temperature in which coronavirus cannot stay alive. Also, the food is cooked so there is no chance that coronavirus can spread through food. So there are very few chances that you will get affected by coronavirus if you order food online.

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Even if the coronavirus may not live for longer on packed food but if the delivery man is infected by the coronavirus and if he mistakenly sneezes or coughs on your package, then there are chances that you can get infected too. Also ordering frozen foods such as frozen salads or frozen meat can be risky as coronavirus lives in a cold environment. So to avoid this type of circumstances it is better to follow some of the safety tips like:

Make sure that you and the delivery man wear the mask before interacting with each other.

It’s better to choose no contact delivery. Especially for this pandemic, the online food ordering sites have introduced features such as no contact delivery so that people can maintain social distance and can stay safe.

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After receiving the package you should wash your hands and throw the package away, for better protection against coronavirus.

Concluding this, it can be said that it is easier and safe to order food online if you follow certain safety tips.



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