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All you need to know about HBO’s new TV series “The Invisible Pilot”

HBO is bringing a hefty order of one of these in early April if you are a fan of a narrative full of twists and turns that appear too unbelievable to be real. The Invisible Pilot is a three-part documentary film about Gary Betzner, a small-town family man who mysteriously vanished in 1977. The more the police and the people of Arkansas delve into his life, the more enigmatic the narrative becomes.

Betzner’s bizarre narrative includes crop dusting, drug smuggling, secret identities, perilous missions, and even the CIA. The Invisible Pilot will expose stunning truth after shocking secret over its three episodes, leaving viewers on the verge of incredulity regarding the material revealed, as we’ve seen in past docuseries like Tiger King and Making a Murderer.

What can the ‘fantasy thriller’ fan base expect to see?

The Invisible Pilot claims to provide a trove of archive evidence, similar to past stranger-than-fiction documentary series, so we can have a comprehensive understanding of the story’s setting and how it played out fifty years ago. The production team also enlisted the help of Betzner’s wife, ex-wife, children, friends, acquaintances, defense attorneys, law enforcement officers, and journalists, all of whom were close to him (at least physically).

Although, Invisible pilot is the story of a flamboyant, adventurous husband and father who, despite an apparently good home life and a wealthy job as a pilot, abruptly leaped from a bridge in 1977. His home town Arkansas community looks for him in vain for his body, as his family and friends look for answers trying to find him. Years later, a mystery narrative of hypnosis, secret identities, and double life of perilous missions and law-breaking emerges. And we have not even started about the plots yet.

Moreover, McKay got his start on television writing the script for Jay Roach’s dark comedy “Meet The Fockers.” The satirical film Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy, starring Will Ferrell, Paul Rudd, David Koechner, and Steve Carell, was his next project.

Making of The Invisible Pilot

The Invisible Pilot is directed by Emmy winners Phil Lott and Ari Mark, who have previously collaborated on series like Cold Case Files and Murder in the Heartland to explore startling stories. They’ve won an Emmy for their YouTube series Could You Survive the Movies?, in which they explore how some scientific experiments in Hollywood blockbusters would play out in real life. Adam McKay is another person involved in the project who has a great sense of humor.

When will the invisible pilot be released?

The Invisible Pilot will broadcast on HBO on April 4th which you can binge on HBO max itself.

What is the inspiration behind the making of “The Invisible Pilot” Series in the first place?

The series is based on the phenomena of the “invisible pilot.” The Invisible Pilot is a notion that occurs when a person feels disoriented in the virtual world. When a debate about the phenomena arose at a networking event for content makers, I was surprised. The apparent and intangible life events that people confront on a daily basis captivated me. The Invisible Pilot explores how we cope with adversity, danger, and uncertainty in our daily lives. It examines how people on both ends of the spectrum live their lives and how they react to it all in diversified reactions and opinions.

Early in 2016, the process of writing The Invisible Pilot began. The pilot script took several months to write. The most challenging aspect of creating The Invisible Pilot was letting go of the anxiety that my readers might dislike it. I’ve received a lot of input from individuals who have told me what they want to see in the show and what they don’t want to see in the program.

Hearing this as a writer is difficult because you must stay true to your characters and plot, but it is also a learning lesson for me. I want to create something that will make a positive difference in people’s lives, therefore any input will be helpful.

The characters of “The Invisible Pilot”

The characters from the invisible pilot series are Ray Buffer, Konstantin Podprugin, Omar Ayuso, CSaudia salas, Georgina Amoros, Carla Diaz, Martina Cariddi, and Manu Rios.

Directors of “The Invisible Pilot”

Phil Lott and Ari Mark

Producers of “The Invisible Pilot”

Nancy Abraham, Lisa Heller, Craig Hodges, Lucas Mireles, Tina Nguyen, David Tillman, Kelsey Arlington, Jonathan Bryant Crawford, Madison Passarelli, Martine Phelan-Roberts, Ben Selkow, Phil Lott, Ari Mark, Adam McKay and Todd Schulman

Will there be a sequel to the invisible plot after this?

There are presently five novels in the Invisible Pilot Series. There are currently no plans for additional books although the writer claimed about having a lot of ideas for future stories, but for now, he has only decided to wait and see how the TV program goes when it premieres in 2022. In one interview he also stated that he is hoping that viewers will have a better grasp of the invisible pilot phenomena and how it affects us as individuals and in our interpersonal connections.


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