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Amazing pictures from space take the internet by storm!

Beautiful pictures from the Space station. It is always our favorite of social media users. Currently such a stunning picture from an astronaut is going crazy viral on the internet. The astronaut was present onboard in the International Space Station. Astronaut Matthias Maurer shared the stunning photographs of the earth. Well, talking about the pictures it just looks like beautiful paintings. Many social media users who came across it were completely crazy about it.

 The beautiful stunning pictures not only got a lot of attention but also many praised it.  The  astronaut even loved the shapes and lines. It just looked like a desert area. “Seen from above, our Earth looks like a true work of artI took these colourful pictures of the Arabian Peninsula, but I also wonder what these shapes and lines in the desert are #EarthObservation #CosmicKiss,” said the tweet. Talking about the post, all the photographs were initially available on the internet. On January 30 they shared the pictures and got more than 1,000 likes. Well, the count just keeps increasing every single minute. As everyone is just in love with the pictures.

“The cosmos is the ultimate work of art,” said one of the social media users. Many social media users also started wondering about the locations. All the areas and locations seen in the photos caught the attention of many. Talking about the darker patch, it seems to follow the border of Kuwait and Saudi Arabia. Thus many also stated that it is probably the border zone. The Arabian Peninsula area was something that mesmerized many social media users. In one more tweet, Matthias also came up with more photographs. All the pictures are completely stunning and it left the social media users amazed.

 It was from a night flight. It was over the Iberian Peninsula. All the beautiful pictures of coral reefs in the Bahamas left netizens amazed.  Earlier the pictures on Matthias Maurer’s Twitter account to the internet on Storm. As per the account it says that he is an astronaut of the European Space Agency.  Well, he is currently on the ISS for the Cosmic Kiss mission. The astronaut always comes up with amazing clips and pictures from the ISS. He often shares photographs of earth. The launching of Maurer to the ISS was on November 11 last year. It was actually for a mission called Cosmic Kiss. Talking about the mission, it was the first space mission.  Surely it was a successful one and many also praised the team for the hard work.

As per the reports by ESA the mission was the first for Matthias. Well surely all the pictures were candy to eyes for many social media users. The comment section of all the posts  is with many comments from people around the globe. Most of the positive reviews state how beautiful nature and the universe is. Small photographs or a clip can actually make your day by just giving a glance to it. All thanks to the astronaut who came up with such a beautiful post for us to make us smile.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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