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Barriers broken! Safe ways for Elephants to move in Nilgiris!

Social media users tend to share all the animal videos that we have especially if we are animal lovers. Well one such video is going crazy viral on the Internet today. Many animal lovers were feeling bad after watching the radio. In the viral clip you can actually see an elephant family trying to cross over barriers. The video shows the elephant family on one side of the railway track. The location is from Tamil Nadu’s Nilgiris area. This viral video clip from Tamil Nadu started a discussion on the Internet today. Many people are once again discussing the need for wildlife corridors.

 As talking about the viral clip it started doing rounds on many social media platforms. The Railway Ministry also came across the viral video clip of the elephants. Well there was good news that they took quick action. The ministry took initiative to provide an easier route for the animals. They actually opened up a passage for them. The mitigation fences were present along highways or railway tracks. The fence’s design led to decreased accident probability. Well it also lessened animal-human clashes in the area. Talking about the video, the elephants were struggling there. They were trying very hard to reenter the nearby forest. 

It was initially available on the Twitter account of Indian Administrative Service (IAS). The video clip by officer Supriya Sahu showed the calves and adults. The family was walking on the train line. Well this is a lot of issues while trying to safely climb over. The elephants had to cross the wall. However there was one good news in this video clip. There was no train passing by that time. Also, the herd safely crossed over.  When the IAS officer came across the video she highlighted the potential threat. 

As per her statement, the barricades can be a problem for animal movement. She stated the video to be “distressing”. Sahu stated: “Need to have a mandatory SOP for all infra agencies towards sensitive wildlife friendly design & execution”. Many social media users also expressed their anger. There was a huge argument setup. It was starting that wildlife should be safely crossing over the tracks.  

Later, Sahu shared an update. It showed the wildlife forces and the railways taking important steps. In a second video by her, we came to know that the officials demolished the walls. “When we work together we come out with solutions,” she stated. People on social media platforms praised her for her initiative.  The IAS officer and the Railways Ministry took good steps. Also, Forests and Climate Change came up with a massive project.

 It helps to identify and in the country in October 2021. The corridors might as well give legal protection. This will help the elephants to move easily. In a landmark decision in 2018, the Supreme came up with a closure. The 27 resorts allegedly encroach upon elephant corridors. It was in the Nilgiris biosphere located in Tamil Nadu. The court stated an “elephant corridor”. As per it, it will help to protect them. A safer migratory path for the animals through the Nilgiris reserve. Well, it is ghd largest protected forest area in India.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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