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Amazon makes a new ad ahead of Diwali dedicated to all Covid heroes!

It is common for top brands to release a new ad always just ahead of Diwali and Amazon did the same thing as well. But this time, the cherished brand in India has taken their ad to a whole new level and all the Desi netizens have appreciated the ad and its creativity a lot. Amazon in India released an advertisement to celebrate one of the biggest festivals of the country and that is Diwali which will be celebrated a few days from now.

 So, the famous brand thought of delivering a message via their new ad for the festival that has won the netizens’ hearts and has become viral now. Now, the country is gearing up to celebrate the festival and the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has, of course, dampened the excitement but still, everyone is ready to enjoy the festival following all the guidelines by the government. As we are so much looking forward to celebrate the festival, Amazon has once again shown us the hands which worked hard to help many people while the covid-19 second wave of the pandemic was at its peak and it was becoming hard to deal with it. 

Amazon’s new ad is dedicated to all the unsung Covid heroes who did their best to help others in their desperate times and it is heartwarming to watch for sure. The advertisement has received a big thumbs up from all the Indian netizens who have watched it. In the now-viral ad, you can see a mother driving her son to meet their ‘special family’ so that they greet them on Diwali. Initially, the son looks clueless about why his mom wants to personally deliver the gift to them and who they are. 

When they arrive at an unknown residence and ring the bell and wait outside, the mother tells his son how he was in desperate need of a hospital bed when he got sick back in April. The family who they came to meet helped them arrange it for them. The door is then opened by an elderly Sikh and the boy wishes him a happy Diwali. The video was posted on Friday, October 29 and already got more than 5 million views on Facebook. The hugely known brand celebrates all those ‘special families’ who helped people get through the pandemic 

“Some people are #specialfamily and this year don’t forget to #deliverthelove to them yourself. Here’s a heartwarming story from us (sic),” the video caption reads. “Thanks, @amazonIN for making such an amazing, wonderful and meaningful message. Diwali is not just a festival it promotes the much-needed peace, harmony, and brotherhood in society. It is a Festival that unifies every religion, every home, and every heart. #specialfamily (sic),” a Twitter user wrote and shared the video.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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