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An active volcano’s video goes viral. This is how netizens react.

We often come across so many amazing videos giving a glimpse of the theory for nature and how it works, always on the several social media platforms which tends to make a full stop for people who love informative videos. 

For those who are interested in many scientific staff and have come to the right place here in this article. Currently a video of an active volcano is going crazy viral on the Internet and all the social media users who came across the video cannot just get enough of it. Well after watching this amazing video netizens were all left speechless. Also Many social media users who watched the video on Twitter thanked the handler for posting this amazing video and were very happy to watch it. The video shows a short glimpse of an active volcano in Iceland that has gone viral on the internet. The clip of the volcano was shared on Twitter by Good News Correspondent. 

Well, surely it will leave you awe-struck and the footage was originally captured from a drone. It was by Hörður Kristleifsson where in the video clip you can clearly see a large chunk of the volcanic crater collapsing. Well, not only is the video mesmerising but also at the same time it is hair-raising. The footage was taken at the volcano in Fagradalsfjall mountain which is located around 40 kms away from the Icelandic capital named Reykjavik. The volcano erupted earlier this year on March 19. It has left netizens in amazement and the footage from the drone was captured from the top of the volcano.

 It shows a chunk of the crater collapsing. The video clip  will kind of give you an apocalyptic vibe and chills. “Icelandic photographer Hörður Kristleifsson happened to be flying his drone over Fagradalsfjall volcanic crater when part of the crater rim collapsed. “That part may look “small”, but it’s actually around the same size of a 5-story building!” is the caption of this painting video. All the social media users who got to see the video were totally amazed and took it to the comment section of the post to express their views and thoughts . Many thanks for posting this amazing video and also many stated how amazing nature can be and how much surprising it turns out to be every time. 

Also people who are interested in knowing and watching surgery videos were up for sharing with all their known ones and thus making this video one of the most trending and viral videos right now which is getting shared on several platforms and not only in Twitter. Amazing right? How just a video of a volcano getting erupted can take the entire internet by storm is a fact that is truly mind blowing. Now all the netizens who love nature cannot just get enough of the video!

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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