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Read how restaurant responded to the last minute order!

The Internet is filled with many such small stories shared by the people based on their experiences, which can make your day better. People’s small yet beautiful gestures towards others, and reading the whole story shared by them surely tells us about the good souls of the world. Now this wholesome post about how a customer shared an apology note while making a last minute order for food from a restaurant and the eatery’s reaction to it is surely winning people’s hearts. The post on this sweet interaction was shared on Reddit, and there is a high chance that the post will leave you with a smile too.

The caption of the post reads the whole story, which was made by the one who received the order. The user said they gave the customer a free garlic bread. The user wrote, “A couple days ago someone ordered 14 mins before closing time and wrote a note to us. I wrote one back and gave them a free garlic bread and a couple hours ago while working, I found out they left a review about it. Was pretty happy for the rest of the shift,” reads the caption to this cute post. The post is fully complete with the screenshots of the notes and also the review.

The customer placed their order for a fettuccine carbonara pasta that was placed just 14 minutes before the closing time of the restaurant, so the customer wrote a note, as they apologised for the late order. “I’m sorry I’m ordering so late. I’m very sick right now. I just woke up. I understand if you cancel because you’re trying to close the store,” they wrote.

Because of such a sweet gesture and a cute note on the customer’s part, this made a reason for making sharer’s day even more better. As a token of appreciation, the restaurant staff wrote a handwritten note that they sent along with the order, and also a free garlic bread. The handwritten note was shared on reddit too, which reads, “Thank you for the kind note. Don’t stress about ordering late, we don’t mind. Here’s a free garlic bread to make you feel a bit better.” They then continued on the other side of the note, “It’s kind messages like yours that really makes my/our day better. Thank you.”

The post was made about four days ago on the subReddit r/MadeMeSmile, and till date, the amazing and sweet post has garnered more than 17,500 upvotes and thus several reactions. The people appreciate both the people, the customer for writing a cute note and apologising for ordering a letter, and also the restaurant staff for understanding the situation and giving a free garlic bread in addition to it. Even the best part is that the customer posted a Google review about the restaurant and the staff, that is too cute for sure. The customer wrote, “They gave me garlic bread on the house where I was feeling sick and wrote a cute lil note in the delivery box and personally I would like to give each and every employee a little forehead kiss. Also it seems like they broil the cheese on the top of the carbonara and it makes it crispy on top and personally I think I might cry. It was so good thank you kings.”

“You’re a blessing, thank you for spreading good in this world! Now I want some garlic bread,” wrote a Redditor. 

“I did not cry until the guest commented on giving you and co-workers a “little forehead kiss.” Cheers to you and them,” confessed another individual. “That made my day, thank you and keep being the amazing person you are,” posted a third.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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