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An antique book returned to the library after 50 years of return.

One of the biggest issues every library must be facing around the globe is getting the book returned on its original date. It is very uncommon for people to go to the libraries and return the book after its original date of returning passes by. Especially if it has been years and if you have not born the book, most people almost forget about it. Such stories are highly viral on several social media platforms. 

Everyone who came across the story of this antique book is going all crazy about it. Talking about it recently, one of the stories mentioning this antique book written back to the University College London is becoming the hottest topic of the town. Talking about it to ask for the reports, the book was borrowed 50 years ago from UCL. According to the sources, this antique book was made back to the university library. However, the person has not mentioned anything about the book or themself. 

The 50-year-old antique book:

The anonymous sender who has sent the book has also left a note, “Dear Librarian, I fear this book is some 50 years overdue! Please don’t just throw it out now that I’ve taken the time and trouble to return it. It must be an ‘antique’ by now.” According to the reports, the book was initially supposed to be returned to the library in the Summer of 1974. This old antique book has accumulated a fine of 1,254 pounds. It goes up to the price range of Rs 1.2 lakh. 

Nevertheless, the sender remained anonymous, so they could not find him with it. The “permanently borrowed” book is a hard copy of the 1875 edition of the Latin play Querolus. Talking the space, Querulous is the only complete Roman play to exist from late antiquity. The other one left includes those of Plautus, Terence, and Seneca. 

This play was written by an unknown author and told the story of a magician who tries to cheat a poor man of his inheritance. Suzanne Traue is the subject liaison librarian at the college library. While talking about the antique book, she spoke to UCL News, saying her “jaw may have dropped” when she came across that note by the anonymous sender who had the book. 

Similar incidents happened before:

When libraries scrap late fines, people who have had the books for many years come forward to return them to the library. A Similar story was something that had hit the headlines back in February. A book from the Cape Breton Regional Library in 1939 was finally back. It took 82 years for the reader to come back to the library. However, the library had scrapped its policy of charging an overdue fee. Thus, the person who got the idea to return this book did not have to pay. He got spared a huge amount of money. Many social media users who came across this story were happy. It is great that the antique book found its way back home.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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