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Read Everything on “The Contractor”

Crime thrillers have never been evaporated from their lovers. And as many sequels, as we go on watching our favorite crime movies, deep deep down we all thirst for something new with characters and the star cast. Following the which crime fans can finally get to see the upcoming Chris pine’s movie, The contractor, very soon in the theaters, find out more about the same in the article below.

Chris Pine takes on the character of a father who goes to desperate, and often murderous, lengths to care for his family in The Contractor, which takes him away from the comic book arena of DC’s Wonder Woman.

The Contractor is another result of Pine and Paramount’s collaboration (via STX Films). According to a recent article from Variety, Pine has already worked with the long-running production company on the Star Trek films, a brand that will expand with Pine in the future.

However, before Pine returns to the Star Trek world as the renowned Captain Kirk, audiences should expect him to be referred to as Special Forces Sergeant James Harper.

What is “The Contractor” about?

“The Contractor” portrays Pine as James Harper, a Green Beret who is expelled. Harper joins a paramilitary gang and begins contract mercenary labor to support his family since he has no other options. On a black operations mission to investigate “a strange danger,” he and his crew fly to Berlin, but things go tragically wrong. Harper ends up on his own and on the run in a foreign place on his first mission as a mercenary. He might be able to figure out who set him up and why if he survives long enough to return home.

James Harper after which joins a private contracting firm with his closest buddy (Ben Foster) and under the supervision of a fellow veteran after being involuntarily dismissed from the US Special Forces (Kiefer Sutherland). Harper is on a clandestine assignment in his community overseas and must avoid assassination attempts while trying to return home.

When does “The Contractor” come out?

The contractor is all set to debut itself in the theaters by the 1st of April. Those who have been following the film attentively may know that it was originally scheduled to be released on December 10, 2021. The film would have competed against the now-award-winning West Side Story and the Lucille Ball-inspired Being the Ricardos on that date. After the premiere date for The Contractor was pushed back to March 18, the film’s official release date was pushed back to April 1.

As the news suggests that The Contractor will be released in only a few of the US theatres and will also be available on premium video-on-demand platforms. The film will be accessible on Showtime and Paramount Plus later this year.

Critic Review of “The Contractor”

What to Look Out For Chris Pine’s sophisticated character depiction is praised in The Contractor, but the rest of the film fails to measure up to it. The general consensus appears to be in agreement. On Rotten Tomatoes, The Contractor now has a 53 percent “Rotten” rating (as of March 30). The film has a 54 on Metacritic, which is a “mixed” assessment.

The Plot of “The Contractor”

In the action-thriller “The Contractor, Chris Pine portrays Special Forces Sergeant James Harper, a man who got prematurely discharged to the Us military, stripping him of his retirement and putting him heavily in debt. After exhausting all other options for supporting for his family, the desperate veteran takes a contract job with a private underground military force.

Unfortunately, the elite soldier’s first mission does not go as planned, and he quickly finds himself in the heart of a hazardous plot. Harper is now in dire need to figure out how he ended himself in this situation and who put him there. Which can be predicted for his to survive longer than expected.

Is there a trailer for “The Contractor”

The Contractor provides a deeper understanding of what motivates Chris Pine’s character, James Harper, to join a shady network. A veteran who was seen marginalized by the nation in the trailer in which he fought his way back but is unable to care for his family may become desperate enough to work for the shadiest of organizations following his vulnerability.

Who all will be playing the characters in “The Contractor”?

Chris Pine the protagonist, is once again at the helm of The Contractor’s cast. Pine is no stranger to action sequences, thanks to his performances in Star Trek, Wonder Woman, and Hell or High Water. Ben Foster reprised his role as The Contractor from the previous film in the sequel.

Pine and Foster are joined in the cast by Kiefer Sutherland, who plays Jack Bauer. Sutherland has a lot on his plate in April, since he’ll be portraying President Franklin D. Roosevelt in the Showtime series The First Lady. Other notable actors in the film include Gillian Jacobs, Eddie Marsan, JD Pardo, and Florian Munteanu.

Tarik Saleh is in charge of the Contractor. Saleh has directed episodes of Showtime’s Ray Donovan and HBO’s Westworld, but this is possibly his biggest film to date.

Full Cast of “The Contractor”

Chris Pine, Gillian Jacobs, Sander Thomas, Toby Dixon, Dean Ashton, Dustin Lewis, Regina Ting Chen, Brian Lafontaine, Cory Scott Allen, Antal Kalik, Ben Foster, Tyner Rushing, Nicolas Noblitt, Eva Ursescu, Nico Woulard, Tait Fletcher, Malosi Leonard, Brandon Melendy, Kiefer Sutherland, Bruce Lester-Johnson, Nina Hoss, Fares Fares, Amira Casar, Aristou Meehan, Tudor Velio, Christian Toma, Andrada Corlat, George Pistereanu, Cosmin Padureanu, Alexandra Murarus, JD Pardo, Florian Munteanu, Eddie Marsan, Adina Victoria Christescu, Sergei Dmitriev, Ms. Wesnesday Weld, Fluffy Hornstein, Gus Fahey Mike Capozzola, Timothy Carr, Lindsey Clute, Chris TC Edge, King, Alexej Manvelov, Matthew Marsh, Patti Schellhaas, Hannes Schmid, Diane Tavegia, Cathy Wheeler and Jaclyn White

Director of “The Contractor”

Tarik Saleh

Producers of “The Contractor”

Josh Bratman, Jake Carter, Michael Flynn, Dan Friedkin, Jonathan Fuhrman, Micah Green, Esther Hornstein, Basil Iwanyk, Erica Lee, David Minkowski, Carmen Pepelea, Chris Pine, Robert Simonds and Daniel Steinman


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