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An elderly woman of Odisha donates her property to a rickshaw puller! Know the story here

An elderly woman who is from Odisha’s Cuttack reportedly donated all of her property and her other assets to a rickshaw puller, who is, according to some reports, in recognition of 25 years of service to her and her family.

Minati Patnaik, the 63-year-old woman of Sutahat, has fully donated her three-story house, her gold ornaments, and all her possessions to a rickshaw puller, who is identified as Budha Samal. Budha Samal has been sincerely serving her and also her family for over two decades, that is, around 25 years.

Minati thought of donating all of her property and her other assets to the poor rickshaw puller Budha Samal’s family. Budha Samal and his family have always supported Minati and also her husband for around 25 years. Budha Samal has served Minati and her husband for many years, even after losing her husband to kidney failure last year and living with her daughter Komal who died of cardiac arrest recently.

According to the news reports of India Today, Minati Pattnaik told the agency that she was in full grief and had no support after she lost her husband, but Budha Samal and his family supported her through her hard times and didn’t expect anything in return. She said “I was shattered and living in grief after the deaths of my husband and daughter at regular intervals. After my tragic loss, none of my relatives supported me. I was completely alone. However, this rickshaw puller and his family stood by me during my difficult times and took care of my head without expecting anything in return.”

She further said to India Today, “My relatives have enough property, and I’ve always wanted to give mine to a poor family.”

“I decided to legally donate everything to Budha and his family so that no one harasses them after my death,” Minati told the news agency. 

“He used to drive my daughter to Ravenshaw College. He was the family’s rickshaw puller. My trust in him and his dedication to me and my family earned him the reward, and I did not do them any great service by giving them my property. They deserve it,” Minati said about the rickshaw puller.

But, when she took this big decision, two of Minati’s three sisters raised objections to her decision to give away her property and her other assets, gold ornaments, to the rickshaw puller and her family. Even though Minati faced so many objections, Minati was steadfast and determined to carry out her plan and thought that this was the right decision. She followed all legal procedures to ensure that her property was properly transferred after her death without any obstacles for the family.

According to some reports, it is known that in addition to his parents, Budha has a wife and three children, two sons and one daughter. As per the reports of India Today, while talking to them, Budha Samal said, “I was taken aback when Maa [Minati] told me about her decision to will her property. I’ve been serving this family for more than two decades and will continue to serve Maa [Minati] until my death.”

“I am overjoyed that Maa has made such an important decision that will have an impact on my and my family’s lives. I can now live under one roof with my family,” Budha Samal added.

After Minati asked her to quit the job, Budha quit his job of pulling rickshaws two years ago. And then he moved to Minati’s house along with his wife and children four months ago when Minati requested him to do so. 

Budha Samal’s wife told India Today, “We had always considered Minati as our mother, so my husband and I, as well as my children, were all at her disposal. We are relieved that my family and Maa will be able to stay in this house.”

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