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An emotional video of 3-year-old friends reuniting after cancer treatment goes viral

Photo Mack Porter is a 3-year-old boy who had a request after finishing his cancer treatment. He requested to meet his best friend  Payson Altice at the doctor’s house and they finally met after the treatment. The video was so heartwarming that netizens were all left emotional. Both Payson Altice and Mack Porter are three years old and they both met during cancer treatment at the Phoenix children’s hospital in the year 2021. Two friends were away for weeks in remission.

 Both of them wanted to meet each other once again and finally, they got united and the special moment thankfully was all captured on camera. The sweet moment can surely bring tears to your eyes and in the clip, it can be clearly seen how happy both of the kids were. Well in the video Mack Porter is seen holding a bouquet and walking towards Altice and the two of them hug each other and even are dancing together. In the video, it was clear that both the three-year-old friends were meeting each other for the first time outside the hospital and their reactions made the video more special. The traction of the post was ” Payson and Mack forever.” 

This amazing sweet video was firstly shared on the Instagram page macky. strong which records and shares moments of Porter’s battle with cancer. In one of the interviews at world news tonight the family said that the movement both children had was totally unforgettable. Porter’s mother Daniel Porter said, “That  was a blessing to just watch our children be children.” 

Altice’s mother Tracey Altice also said in the interview that two of the friends were very strong and went through the tough situation amazingly. She stated, “No matter what, just look to the children because they’ll lead the way.” Many netizens were quite emotional after watching the video and how the two children fought dangerous diseases like cancer so bravely. Both in Instagram and Twitter account where the video got posted and it was all filled with so many heart-touching comments and netizens did not take a step back in showering their love over the three-year-old, the video actually got reposted by the famous social media account in Twitter and that is @GoodNewsCorres1 an ever since it was then shared by that account the video went much more viral getting hundreds of views every hour. 

The account later shared  the video and the tweet with the video was “you got a friend in me.” Indeed, social media is a place where such sweet inspiring and heart-touching videos can be easily shared with anyone being anywhere in this world. The video was not only heart-touching but at the same time it was also inspiring and that isn’t just cannot get enough of the two adorable kids. Indeed, it is an amazing video that can make your day.



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