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Mission Shakti 3.0: CM Yogi launches mission to focus on rural women’s safety.

Mission Shakti 3.0 is all set today out by Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath on the day of August 21. The application of the mission will take place in Lucknow and mission Shakti focuses on the women’s empowerment program. The main motto of the mission and the main reason for it to launch is to ensure complete women’s safety, security, and dignity and the state government is looking to safeguard women’s rights.

As per the statement given by the government of up the mission, Shakti is a new avatar that will only focus on women compromising all sections of the society. Chief Minister Yogi has also planned several pro-women Golden schemes which will be all introduced under this mission. All the programs by this mission are for the upliftment of women and benefit all eligible women without any discrimination.

The new rules under the mega mission 3.0 include:

  1. The mission focuses on the all-around development of women of the state and a new phase of mission Shakti mainly aims to make women self-reliant and self-independent.
  2. CM Yogi will honor all the women health workers, self-help groups, entrepreneurs doctors, and also women belonging to voluntary organizations. The Uttar Pradesh government has taken the step to honor women for their extraordinary achievements in several fields of women empowerment.
  3. Under the campaign mission Shakti, around 75 women from every district of Uttar Pradesh will be honored by the state government.
  4. Laxmi Singh (IPS) is the nodal head of the mission and she stated that the mission aims at providing police service at the doorstep for every woman including for the women who are living in rural areas.
  5. Another action taken on this mission is to open several women’s help desks at police stations, especially to help and provide weekly care for single mothers.
  6. One of the most important programs under the mission Shakti is Kakshas that means the rooms. These rooms are in Panchayat Bhawan to support the survivors of heinous crimes under this campaign. The women constable will be meeting all the survivors of heinous crimes of the past three years here and we’ll find out whether they have got justice or not. Women officers then will be informing the senior officers to endure the arrest of the accused as soon as possible if the accused are absconding.

Laxmi Singh also stated that this is the first time that women cops got assigned with beat duties just like their male counterparts. She said “In the system, we will include three or four villages and make it a bit for women constables/ head constables. They will have to visit the area twice weekly and note the problems being all faced by women and then resolve them with the help of senior officers. The women council also spread awareness about the government schemes which benefit women.”



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