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An old video of Virat Kohli singing goes crazy viral on the internet once again!

Social media indeed uses love absolutely to know everything about the famous personalities we follow. You want to keep us updated with everything they do, from other skills to what they do in daily life. One of the most famous video clips that is once again hitting the headlines, which was had yours before as making all the internet users go crazy. We love cricketers, and especially when it comes to Virat Kohli, we know how his huge fan fandom goes crazy to know anything about him. This one video clip of him singing for a music level after so many years is again hitting the headlines. 

The video of Virat Kohli singing:

The video was initially shared on Facebook but is now getting spread on several social media platforms. Yes, we are talking about this video by Saregama, a music label that often rakes up evergreen classics. In the viral video clip, you will see the famous cricketer Virat Kohli singing the very famous song of ‘Jo Wada Kiya Hai Wo Nibhanna Padega. ‘ He is singing the song along with a Bangladeshi singer. Fahmida Nabihas and Virat Kohli singing the famous iconic sound has again aspired on social media. The former cricket team captain was seen for singing the song that has captured millions of hearts on the internet. 

In the viral video clip that was shadowed on Facebook, we got to see the song, which lata Mangeshkar sang. It was originally sung for the movie named Taj Mahal. Virat Kohli also has a very similar video of him on his official Instagram account. The video shows him singing the song at an Indian High Commission gathering in 2016. He also tagged Yuvraj Singh. He was the one who caught the video for him, and thus he also thanked him for it. “A few moments back at the Indian high commission gathering. Thanks, @yuvisofficial, for the video paji. I love this song,” Kohli wrote while sharing the video on his Instagram. 

Another viral post of him:

Virat Kohli fans saw him marking his 100th test match earlier this month. The match was played against Sri Lanka in Mohali style. The fans went crazy when they saw Virat Kohli imitating Allu Arjun’s hunched-up walk. The walk is famous from the movie Pushpa: The Rise. Before that, Kohli also came up with a photograph with several of his lookalikes. Well, this brought up a chain of memes online. He took it to his official Twitter account and shared a photograph. It is crazy how Virat Kohli always comes up with some content to entertain his fans. Also, it is for sure that all of its fans love to see a new post upcoming on his page now and then.

 It was along with men who had a similar bearded look like him. He was also wearing the same light gray suit and white sneakers, just as Kohli. He also challenged his followers to find him among his counterparts in the viral post.“Find the odd one out,” said the cherished cricketer and the former Indian cricket team captain. The post was as soon as available online and super crazy among the fans. Many people also love how Virat Kohli was cool to find so many doppelgangers to look like him. He always knows how to entertain his fans, and it is for sure something that has been attracting more people towards his account pages. Social media users love the content that he posts on his official accounts and keep spreading it, making it always trendy.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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