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Queen Elizabeth II celebrates her Platinum Jubilee by appearing on the cover of Vogue!

Talking about a very special event celebrating and marking the Platinum jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II, it has hit the headlines. In this special issue, the reigning British monarch, Queen Elizabeth II made an appearance on the cover of Vogue. It was happening for the very first time in history. She appeared alongside “Hollywood royalty” Anya Taylor-Joy. Talking about the cover of British Vogue, it is the April issue. Well, the magazine also came up with a photo of the Queen. As per the reports the picture was clicked back in 1957. The photo was by photographer Antony Armstrong Jones. Well, it was during the early days of her rule. 

The viral Vogue cover!

Talking about the beautiful picture you can see her wearing the George IV State Diadem. According to the sources, it is a gold, silver and diamond crown. It was in 1820 for King George IV. “As Her Majesty becomes the first British monarch in history to celebrate a Platinum Jubilee, the April issue explores Vogue’s unique relationship with the royal, and features rarely seen images from the archive at Vogue House,” Vogue stated. Also they came up with a idea to pay a “playful” tribute to the Queen. They came up with another cover that featured Anya Taylor-Joy. You will get to see the actor  wearing a diamond Diadem replica of what the Queen wore before. In the issue, the Vogue magazine’s deputy editor and fashion features director Sarah Harris also stated about it.

 She praised the monarch’s style choices. Well, she said it is “a royal lesson in modern dressing”. “Queen Elizabeth II’s style choices are, and have always been, faultless. Always correct, composed and confident, and though it may look relatively straightforward in terms of shape and silhouette, her attire never fails to convey a message of optimism, diplomacy, hope and stability,” she stated. Further she added: “If the Queen’s inimitable style is consistent and somewhat simple in form, it’s anything but when it comes to her unwavering commitment to colour. Hues are plucked from chalky, pretty pastels to bold paintbox brights to shimmering metallics and even a punchy palette of retina-searing verging-on-neons.” 

The Queen’s unique style:

Mentioning about the “clever trickery” that is in designing the royal dresses, she spoke a little bit about it. She stated that “weights are discreetly sewn into hemlines if more than a gentle breeze is forecasted, any heavily beaded dresses will often have extra lining at the back for cushioning and while the choice of fabric must always be regal, suitable for the occasion, climate and the time of the year, perhaps most importantly it must be immune to creasing. Every fabric is rigorously twisted before purchase to check it can withstand wrinkles.” 

Well, as per the reports the Queen was just a year old. It is when she appeared in British Vogue. According to the sources, it is back in 1927, at her mother’s knee. Then she steps further becoming the first British monarch who celebrated a Platinum Jubilee. Well, it is as she completed 70 years on the throne on February 6, 2022 marking the Platinum Jubilee.

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