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Anand Mahindra shares a hilarious dog video that gives a business tip too!

The Internet is filled with netizens, busy sharing posts that often give important life lessons. One such Twitter user who makes it a point to share such amazing life lessons from time to time with netizens is Anand Mahindra. Anand Mahindra’s social media posts are a treasure of all the amazing and hilarious videos and photos. It is often an amalgamation of many things. From thought-provoking commentary to quite funny videos, the business tycoon indeed loves to keep his followers always entertained and engaged with a huge variety of content he shares. The posts he shares always have a funny message in them, which makes his followers entertained as always. And in his tweet he made recently, he found an amazing way to impart knowledge by using a hilarious video of a dog.

Taking to the microblogging website, Anand Mahindra shared a funny video of a dog, and in the video, it can be seen that the dog is not able to step out, even though there is just the wooden door being just a frame without the glass on it. Despite this, the dog pushes the air, thinking there is a glass door. Then, at last, the man opens the just-frame door for the dog and the dog steps out. Well, by using the dog’s example, who was pushing the glassless door to open it but steps out only after the door is opened, Mahindra tweeted, “No better way of illustrating our addiction to habit…The most valuable skill in business today is knowing how to break free.” The dog indeed did this out of its habit, and Mahindra compared the video to the best. 

The humorous clip of the dog was initially shared by a user @claytoncubitt, on Twitter, along with a caption that read, “Sometimes the only thing stopping you from progress is your attachment to a previous conceptual framework.” Well, this is another great example to compare with.

Since the post shared by Anand Mahindra surfaced online it has received many likes and comments and millions of views. The netizens lived the way Mahindra compared this funny video to our addictive habits, as he always manages to spread some message through the posts he makes. Many of the netizens agreed with Anand Mahindra’s inference after watching the clip.

One Twitter user commented, “Very true …like how we keep swiping at any lighted screen in front of us… even though it is not a ‘Touch Screen,” while another commented, “Not only in business in every walk of life. Students, housewives, and professionals. Change and adaptation to changes is the quality that has made humans evolve. The future belongs to those who won’t be caged by limitations. There are 100 excuses for failure but one reason to succeed.” 

Yet another wrote, “True that sir! It’s so important to see things as they are not through the glasses of prejudice and pre-conditioning. It’s necessary for all walks of life. But I feel it needs to be close to a superpower. Not sure how to train our minds for it.” 

While one user wrote, “Nice video. The other side is reflexes with muscle memory which makes us so efficient in day-to-day tasks. Exploring everything every time might work in exceptional situations but could prove to be pretty inefficient most of the time.”

Well, this video along with Anand Mahindra’s amazing example is surely a big yes from all the netizens out there. Anand Mahindra never fails to amaze netizens with his posts, either it may be funny, or it may be a life learning lesson, his social media is surely the best place to know it all.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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