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Scientists left wondering about strange singles coming from the heart of the milky way.

On Tuesday, a team of few astronomers detected some unusual radio signals from the center milky way galaxy, and they have no clue why and what it is, as Said in the press release. 

The team who discovered them initially tried some guesses, but they gradually overruled them. The phenomenon is not something that has been studied before. 

According to the report published on Tuesday in The Astrophysical Journal, They gave the signal name ASKAP J173608.2-321635. Signals were coming on and off. They came, vanished, then returned and strengthened and randomly started fading, leaving the scientist baffled with the situation. 

A doctoral student in the school of physics at the University of Sydney and the lead author of the new study in the astrophysical journal Ziteng Wang said, ” Very high polarisation is the strongest property of a new signal that means light oscillates in one direction that rotates over time.” 

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Initially, the team thought it was a pulsar or star that emits flare. However, the radio wave signals do not match what these stars would produce. So, the theory was dismissed. 

A researcher in the Sydney Institute of astronomy and co-author, Tara Murphy, said in a press release,” That the object was something unique that started as invisible than became bight and eventually faded.”  

The team initially used the Australian Square Kilometer array Pathfinder, a telescope to pick radio waves. That made them guess the first theory, But then it stopped and didn’t start for a week. 

Later, it appeared with dramatically different behavior that led us to dismiss the first theory, as said by Murphy.

As of now, the scientist has no clue what exactly it is and why it occurred. They are observing and looking to find the bottom of the sources. 

The oddities of objects led them to think they had found something undiscovered object luring over the milky way galaxy. Until they discover the mystery of the source, they will be left wondering what it could be.

Priyanka Aggarwal, an English Literature Post Graduate has invested her flair for writing and editing masterpieces.


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