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Ant-man actor Paul Rudd visited an Indian restaurant in London and enjoyed Kolkata Dum Biryani.

Famous actor Paul Rudd took the internet by storm when he visited the Indian restaurant named the Darjeeling Express which is located in London last month. The famous ant-man actor enjoyed the yummy dishes, especially all the Indian dishes at the restaurant. He visited the restaurant along with Dan Levy and all their pictures from the restaurant are going very much viral. 

Earlier this week Paul Rudd visited the Darjeeling express again and he enjoyed a plate of biryani which is now taking the internet by storm. Where the very talented actor visited the restaurant a month before and enjoyed many Indian dishes which again made many Indian fans amazed as he loves Indian food and they couldn’t be any happier. Again this time the ant-man actor decided to visit the same Indian restaurant just to try out the famous Kolkata Dum Biryani that they serve. The pictures that are now going viral on several social media platforms show the ever-youthful, dashing-looking Paul Rudd along with Asma Khan sitting in the restaurant of Darjeeling Express. Well, all of his Indian fans are very much impressed by the fact that the ant man actor is in love with Indian dishes now. 

The founder of Darjeeling express, Asma Khan posted a selfie along with Paul Rudd from his latest visit to rooha restaurant and in the caption of her post, she said ” Welcome back to@DarjeelingIdn Paul Rudd! Today was #BiryaniSuperClub and I was so happy to serve #Calcutta Dum Biryani to Paul.” The post instantly went viral and many social media users who saw it were happy and amazed at the same time. All the Indian social media users reacted to the post and kept commenting about their thoughts in the comments section of the post by Asma Khan. In his last visit to the Darjeeling Express, Paul Rudd Asin enjoyed mini Indian dishes with Dan Levy. Both of them enjoy the dishes such as pooriss, aloo sabzi, mutton, pulao, and rasgulla. 

There were also many other Indian desi dishes and delicacies cases that both of them loved and tried out in the Indian restaurant. Talking about the comment section of this post, many Indian Twitter users are happy that their celebrity crush loves their deshi delicacies. A user commented ” Paul Rudd likes Indian food and he ate biryani??? This man cannot get any more perfect!!! I love him even more now. He is the greatest celebrity crush of my life.” Some so many users are commenting on many amazing comments speaking about the youthful look of the amazing actor. Another Twitter user said, ” I can only conclude that eating @DarjeelingIdn is the secret to looking youthful.” 

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