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A mysterious tunnel was found in the Delhi assembly! Know where it leads to!

A structure that seemed like a tunnel was surprisingly found at the Delhi legislative assembly on Thursday. While Delhi legislative assembly speaker Ram Niwas Goel was speaking to ANI, he said that this tunnel may connect this legislative assembly to the famous Red Fort in Delhi. This tunnel was made and used by the British so that they can avoid reprisal while moving freedom fighters.

Ram Niwas Goel also added the time when he heard that this tunnel was present but there was no clarification about it. He said, “when I became an MLA in 1993 there was hearsay about a tunnel present here that goes to Red fort and I tried to search for its history but there was no clarification over it.” He further added, “Now we have got the mouth of the tunnel, but we are not digging it further as all the paths of the tunnel have been destroyed due to metro projects and sewer installation.”

source = financialexpress

Ram Niwas Goel further said that this Delhi legislative assembly was earlier used as a central legislative assembly when the shifting of capital from Kolkata happened to Delhi in 1912. And this was also turned into a court in 1926. So at that time, Britishers used this tunnel to bring the freedom fighters to the court. Goel said, “We all knew about the presence of a gallows room here but never opened it. Now it was the 75th year of independence and I decided to inspect that room. We intended to change that room into a shrine of freedom fighters as a tribute to them.” It is amazing to hear that now that room will be converted into a place that will be in the honor of all the freedom fighters out there.

The assembly speaker then added that because of the history of the Delhi legislative assembly with the association of independence of the country he wants to open the gallows room for all the tourists by the next independence day. And amazing to know that this work for the tourists has already started. Regarding this Ram Niwas Goel stated, “this place has a very rich history in the context of freedom struggle. We intend to renovate it in a way that tourists and visitors can get a reflection of our history.”

While on the other hand, Manish Sisodia, the Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi had a look over the chief minister’s park beautification scheme on Thursday. Manish Sisodia stated that Delhi will be now made into a city of gardens and thus announced that all the people of Delhi take part in protecting and beautifying the parks. Regarding this Manish Sisodia will also take suggestions from the nearby residents for the beautification of the park. The Deputy Chief Minister also informed that now Delhi government has also taken some initiatives to redesign the park to make the local surroundings more beautiful and to make the parks beautiful as compared to the parks that are developed in other countries of the world.

As they took a lot of suggestions from the people, they came to know about many other ways from which the parks can now be made beautiful. So they have planned some steps like the entrance of the parks will be now made more attractive and eye-catching, open gyms will be also introduced in parks so that people can work out, walking tracks will be more improved for the people to walk, to make the park filled with greenery and many flowers fruits and plants will be also planted.

There are many such initiatives taken by the Delhi government to make Delhi an attractive place for all the tourists for sure.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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