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‘Any Russian attack would be met with a harsh response from the United States.’

If Russian takes more steps toward invasion, US President Joe Biden informed his Ukrainian counterpart Volodymyr Zelensky on Sunday that the US would respond quickly and decisively.
According to a White House statement, Biden promised Zelensky in a roughly hour-long talk that the US would assist Ukraine in the event of future Russian action.

President Biden stated unequivocally that the US, along with its allies and partners, would respond swiftly and firmly to any future Russian action against Ukraine.
As per the White House, the two presidents agreed on the significance of continuing to pursue diplomacy and deterrence in response to Russia’s military buildup on Ukraine’s borders.
The call occurred as the United States warned that a Russian invasion of Ukraine might occur as early as this week. According to a senior Ukrainian source, Zelensky reiterated his plea for increased military and financial help from the United States and requested that Biden visit Ukraine as soon as feasible. Biden’s visit to Ukraine, according to US authorities, is exceedingly doubtful.

According to a CNN person who was briefed on the talk, Zelensky used the call to recommend “concrete measures” to lessen Russia’s danger to Ukraine, such as supplying Ukraine with more military support, including advanced weaponry.
As per the official, Zelensky also stressed to Biden the importance of providing Ukraine with a substantial cash package.
CNN was informed by an official. The Ukrainian president told his American colleague that robust economic assistance would demonstrate Putin that the West is with Ukraine, and that Putin’s aggression would have no effect.

As per a Ukrainian official, Zelensky requested that Biden visit Ukraine as soon as feasible, but Biden has yet to respond positively. Biden’s visit to Ukraine, according to US sources, is a long shot. If asked for comment by CNN, a White House official said the administration is looking into more macroeconomic assistance to help Ukraine’s economy amid Russia’s military buildup. The previous time Biden and Zelensky spoke was in January, and it did not go well, according to a senior Ukrainian official who spoke to CNN at the time, amid disputes regarding the “danger levels” of a Russian attack.

Their most recent phone call Biden told Russian President Vladimir Putin during a phone chat the day before that if Putin decides to attack Ukraine, the US and its allies will respond firmly and inflict rapid and severe repercussions on Russia.
On Sunday, Biden’s national security advisor Jake Sullivan offered a harsh warning that the US fears Russia will invade Ukraine this week, but that diplomacy can still win.

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