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When will ‘One of Us Is Lying’ be released on netflix ?

Netflix has seen a lot of success with dark high school dramas recently, from 13 Reasons Why to Riverdale, so it’s not surprising that they’re backing another one.

One of Us Is Lying is based on author Karen M McManus’ young adult novel of the same name, which follows a group of detention students who become suspects in a murder investigation. Simon (Mark McKenna of Sing Street) is the victim, and he is a figure of contempt at Bayview High for launching an online gossip page about his classmates. When he has a severe allergic response one day, the police determine the death was not an accident and begin questioning everybody who might’ve had a motive to attack the schoolboy – which doesn’t exactly narrow things down.

Release date

From Friday, February 18th, 2022, One of Us Is Lying will be available to view on Netflix in the United Kingdom and Ireland. Previously, the show appeared on NBC’s on-demand service Peacock in the United States, where it broadcast for the entire month of October 2021.
The show received generally excellent reviews from critics and a large audience, earning it a second season — though it will depart from McManus’ sequel novel (titled One of Us Is Next). “We are thrilled that One of Us Is Lying’s compelling and binge-worthy first season resonated so strongly with our YA audience,” said Lisa Katz, head of NBCUniversal Television and Streaming.
“We can’t wait to provide more twists and turns that will have viewers on the tip of their seats,” said the series’ fanbase. “We are very happy with the reception of season 1, and we are beyond thrilled that we get to continue our journey in season 2,” said showrunner Erica Saleh. We can’t wait to fill the halls of Bayview High with even more mystery!”

One of Us Is Lying cast

Chibuikem Uche (The Tomorrow War) plays baseball player Cooper, Annalisa Cochrane (Cobra Kai) plays cheerleader Addy, Marianly Tejada (Orange Is the New Black) plays overachiever Bronwyn, and Cooper van Grootel (Mystery Road) plays drug dealer Nate in the central cast.
Jacque Drew (The Royal Treatment) plays police detective Wheeler, who is keeping a close eye on the four kids after the suspicious death of their detention classmate Simon (Sing Street star Mark McKenna).
Barrett Carnahan (Cruel Summer), Jessica McLeod (The Unforgivable), and Melissa Collazo (Swamp Thing) play other significant characters at Bayview High, while Sara Thompson (The 100) and Alimi Ballard (CSI) have recurring parts.

What is One of Us Is Lying about?

Cooper, Addy, Bronwyn, and Nate, four high school students, become primary suspects in the murder of one of their classmates in One of Us Is Lying.
While spending an afternoon in detention with the students in question, Simon develops a severe allergic reaction, and a police investigation soon concludes that the tragic turn of events was arranged. The problem is that all four of them have reasons for wanting Simon dead, as well as many others at Bayview High because he maintained a gossip website that exposed the student population’s scandalous secrets.
The adolescents are in a desperate search for answers as they face the prospect of prison time, which leads to shocking revelations and yet more disaster.


Is One of Us Is Lying based on a book?

One of Us Is Lying is based on Karen M McManus’s young adult novel of the same name, which was first released in May 2017 and received favorable reviews.
Following a 166-week run on the New York Times bestseller list, NBC Universal began developing a television adaptation, eventually ordering a complete series in August 2020.
One of Us Is Lying was filmed in New Zealand and will return there for season 2 due to the coronavirus pandemic, which made filming in the United States impossible at the time.

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