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Are People Adjusting to Work from Home culture?

Well, it’s been more than a year, and the stay-at-home, work from home, schooling from home, and such new culture is what people have been following. Now that it has become a habit for many to live a life where they work remotely, have people managed to handle the new normal. In the beginning, workers were allowed to visit their office a least once a day, but now due to sudden announcements of lockdown and quarantine, many have chosen to work completely from home until the situation gets better in the outside world. Where some have considered work from home as a gift, some are still trying to adjust to it and are finding this new culture a bit tough to absorb.

What are the pros and cons of working from home?

People who are hyper-productive love spending their time after work doing things they like. Also, the biggest plus point of working from home is that the time spent on traveling is saved. Now by remote working, you have time for your family and work separated and there is no pressure of reporting to your office on time. Some have expressed their views on working from home and have quoted several good things that come with it. The fact that you can now work in comfortable clothes, pajamas, have home-cooked food, and take your breaks are indeed some of the great things that come with this new culture. However, many employees have also expressed that the stress of working from home is high for them. There would be no co-workers to help you out and many tend to procrastinate as they are no superior to look over you. However, to put it in simple words, WFH is not so black and white. It necessarily does not have to be good or bad.

Some great trips from Working from home:

Working in front of your device for a whole day can seem to be stressful and may cause frustration too. Many employees, especially in the IT sector have noted that the working hours are the same but the workload given by their boss is what they find difficult to handle. The tendency is procrastination, working extra hours remotely, and quarantined. As our Harvard Business review, social isolation presents unique challenges that don’t always have streamlined solutions, and distractions around the home are major causes for delaying in your work. Here are some issues and ways to handle them

1.    Set a routine: WFH does not need to work full day and night. It is better to have a routine set if you do not have one till now. Scheduling work at the last minute causes stress.

2.    Breaks are important: Even if you work overtime at home, concentration on your laptop for long hours can affect your mental health. Always take breaks as you used to in your office. although you can avoid going out and staying home yet take breaks by spending time doing something fun.

3.   Use productive tools: Slack, zoom and other communications have been used by many companies and many are promoting them too. Employees can easily connect with their co-workers and it’s great to stay in touch for making your workday too.

4.    Get fresh air: Doesn’t mean you have to leave your house. Open a window and enjoy some snacks feeling the fresh air on your skin!

In a situation like this, many psychologists believe that people should put extra effort not only to maintain their immunity level but to also have mental health balanced. Adjusting to the new normal can be stressful for a few, but once you get used to it, everything will be on trackback in your life!



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