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Lockdown and its side effects that we have been facing for months now

It’s been months that we have been facing and fighting the pandemic and with that lockdown keeps extending too. Many fear loss of job, attack, and mental stress due to excess workload. Staying home for so long with absolutely no way to enjoy an outing, break or vacation can itself prove to be very harmful to people’s mental health. The COVID Psychologists have actively motivated people for the past few months to meditate and maintain a proper balance in life to cope up with the pandemic. Lockdown has brought many side effects with it.

The reason behind employees being stressed:

Experts said there are highly stressed employees who have found it difficult to manage the lifestyle in lockdown. The mental and emotional challenges employees face, huge amounts of anxiety are some of the impacts of the Covid-19 virus. Apart from the stress due to the new trend of WFH, employees who are still working on-site have their concerns due to the spread of the virus and fungus. Another biggest worry is to travel to work. Employees working in health care, food, and other government sectors have to handle traveling in lockdown without being stopped by cops. For people who were already stressed due to work, when they come across news of lockdown extension, it leads to panic and with lack of resources, working with having your family and kids around, taking care of personal and Professional life at the same time is what can be stressful at times. After facing all the major reasons behind panicking is the pay cut. With no proper salaries provided to many, employees have found it difficult to manage the lockdown situation.

Advises by Health experts:

What most psychologists and health experts have been advising is to practice meditation and do physical exercises. Well, keeping the body fit to increase immunity to fight the virus is important. But at the same time, it is also important to keep yourself mentally fit.  Due to lack of physical activity and sudden change of lifestyle, you may feel restless with more workload. Insomnia, anxiety attacks, and nightmares are some of the most faced problems by people in the past few months.

Different effects of lockdown:

1.     Pregnant mothers usually must take care of their mental health. Especially during the lockdown, their anxiety, and depression may affect their baby.

2.      Young children have faced issues in emotional and social development. Kids must stay active even by staying at home. With online classes, they need to engage with their parents at tough times like this.

3. Surely students have lost the opportunities for socialization and with disruption in routine, boredom, and lack of physical fun activities, children might feel lazy or left alone.

4.      Children who need special care like speech therapy and occupational therapy have been lagging ue to the loss of many sessions due to complete lockdown.

5.      Many lost jobs in the pandemic with which the demand for seeking jobs is high but the availability is comparatively very low. During the time of lockdown, an increasing number of poor families are found due to daily workers having no income at all.  

6.     Online classes are not available for underprivileged children. Lack of online resource material to study has caused issues for many to gain a proper education.

7.     People who survive on daily income have found it difficult to run a family. However, many NGOs and organizations have been trying to reach and help them out.

Although there are many side effects of lockdown, the government has implied these rules just for the safety of the public. It has been tough these days but due to the implied rules of lockdown, the corona cases are a bit under control. So hopefully there will be a time when we will not need a lockdown in the country and will get back on track soon!



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