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Astronaut gets a haircut from his crewmate! The Internet goes crazy!

The Internet is always successful in bringing up amazing mind blowing videos that sometimes may cause confusion whether the video is true or showing as false content. When such a video is going crazy viral on several social media platforms and all that is in who came across are totally amazed by it. The video of astronauts getting haircuts on the international space station is something that soluble not to come across every single day. 

Well currently a video of an Astronaut named Matthias Maurer shared on the internet, initially on the famous microblogging site, Twitter is leaving everyone baffled. The video shows him getting a haircut from crewmate Raja Chari. Well this is happening in the very famous International Space Station. In the now viral video, Maurer in the clip can be seen kneeling and holding onto the spacecraft as Chari uses a trimmer to cut his hair. This witty tweet posted online, you hear Maurer calling Chari a barber and a man of many talents. Later, he also stated that astronauts do not want hair in their eyes when they want to do their jobs efficiently.

 “Step into the space salon where barber @astro_raja is a man of many talents Because none of us want hair in our eyes, or – even worse – the @Space_Station systems, our hair clippers come with a vacuum attached. Five stars for this space stylist’s service,” said Maurer. Some time back, a ‘floating pizza party’ on the ISS and workout videos of the astronauts was something that was hitting the headlines. The videos had taken the internet by storm. Well talking about this video, it was shared on December 19 and has got more than 29,000 views so far. 

All the social media users who came across the video were enthralled after watching the video. The videos have been going supertrend on the internet and also social media users have been living it for a long time now. Some of the netizens were also at the same time intrigued by gravity and ‘getting a haircut’. “This is incredible how things that are so easy on earth will be a little difficult in Space then to see it in ISS make me appreciate every little thing that I have on earth,” said a social media user in the comment section of the post.

 Another social media user who came across the post also joked, “NASA’s space saloon”. Back in August of this year, French astronaut Thomas Pesquet posted a clip which was spreading like wildfire on the internet. In the video you can clearly see the astronaut enjoying pizza with his fellow astronauts. Well this was happening when they were aboard the spacecraft. Also sometime back, Pesquet had shared another viral video featuring his workout in ISS. This was highly praised by many social media users and also they love the fact that the astronaut was trying to give them a view of how their life works out. 

Social media users have always been much interested in knowing about astronauts’ lives and how they work aboard. Well getting such a few glimpses of their life the way they spend the time in a fun way with the crewmates something that has been trending on social media platforms for a while now. Truly an amazing video that we do not get to see every single day and indeed it can bring a smile on our face.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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