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What This Women Has Done Is An Inspiration To Many, Sets A world Record In The Process!

Currently, the news is setting the headlines as the previous record of Antarctica Ice Marathon was broken by a medical student recently. A woman from Latvia named Evija Reine has successfully hit the headlines as she goes ahead to set a new record for women by finishing the Antarctica Ice Marathon in just 4:06:11 hours by breaking all the previous records. The very well-known event was held in Union Glacier. It was scheduled on December 17 and the 30-year-old medical student indeed did her best. As per the reports she was successful to break the record of 4:20:02 hrs which was previously set by UK’s Fiona Oakes. This previous record was set back in 2013.

Reportedly by finishing one hour and four minutes behind Reine, Grace Yao from the USA received the second position in the marathon. Julia Hunter from the UK got the position of third as per the reports. In a video clip which was shared by Reuters, you can see all the participants running in the midst of snow-covered paths. Along with the picturesque landscape, you can point out Reine reaching the finishing end, and all the onlookers who were present at the location where the marathon was conducted applaud her. 

After the long race came to an end, Reine said, “Now, I need to eat”. Talking about the men’s title, it was claimed by none other than the Polish athlete Grzegorz Bogunia who was amazing. “I feel very well because it’s my third continent and for the first time I am a winner. So I am very happy. I am very, very tired,” said Bogunia. Although having a very severe injury, it did not stop Jordan Wylie, former soldier and best-selling author, from completing the race. 

“That was brutal. It is never ever gonna be easy. Coldest, windiest, highest and driest continent. As much as it was brutal, so majestic it is, so beautiful. It is pristine. What a place,” he said in the video. The clip now has more than 66,000 views. All the participants managed to face the critical situations of having temperature lows of -15 degrees and areas surrounded with snow.

British explorer Lou Rudd coincidently reached Union Glacier on the day. He took part in the marathon and Rudd reached it after traveling several hundred miles across the continent, as per Presstv. The race witnessed its oldest competitor who was 74-year-old Pini Haroz from the United States and Israel. He finished the marathon in 8:26:42 hrs. 

In total there were 62 participants from 18 countries. It was the sixteenth edition of the Antarctic Ice Marathon. The marathon was the last leap for 11 athletes to join the 7 Continents and  the marathon was delayed by three days. The reason behind this was the massive storm that happened in the location last week. Many participants found it hard to fly from Chile because of the heavy storm.

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Swetha Sivakumar
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