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Astronaut Thomas Pesquet posts the video of Aurora which goes viral now

Social media handlers after seeing this video of Aurora australis went crazy by the mesmerizing video and pictures. Well, usually we get to see many videos and pictures that are from space and then shared by several space agencies or astronauts on many social media pages. But the current video that was recently released by an astronaut showcasing Aurora australis is one such clip that will surely leave you awestruck. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet posted a video on his official Twitter account and also captions in French. 

If you translate it, it means that ” If you prefer to enter the weekend calmly, I offer you this Aurora australis time-lapse.” He also wrote that “time to take it down or notch with this glide across our planet. Would I sign off without an aurora?” in English in the next few lines of the caption and instantly the video and his first went very viral. The clip started getting shared at a very huge range and within a few hours of getting posted on Twitter, it was successful to gather many views and comments. Within a few hours after getting posted the video and astronaut’s post had around 72000 views and along with that, it got more than 5400 likes quickly. 

The beauty of the amazing aurora Australis is what can bring a smile to your face and the video was really come and also attractive at the same time for sure. Many people shared their thoughts and views by commenting on the video and it is still going viral by having one of the highest likes and comments. The breathtaking view out of the aurora which shows how beautiful the out of this world time lapses is it’s only one of the most remarkable things that are present to be on Twitter.

 Many social media handles and Twitter users thanked the astronaut as well as the ISS crew for such a beautiful video. Astronaut Thomas Pesquet also posted several pictures of the mesmerizing aurora and the series of pictures that he shared also got viral. As per the information provided by the National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA), aurora got its name from the Roman goddess of dawn. 

The captivating display of lights in the space is known as Aurora australis and the Northern Aurora lights are simply called Aurora Borealis and the southern lights are called Aurora australis as they both occur at northern and the southern hemispheres respectively. These colorful lights keep constantly changing their shape and intensity in the space and thus they provide a spectacular view. 

Well after looking at the video and the pictures many netizens expressed their views and wished to see the Aurora in real life by flying to space. However, all thanks to the development of Science and Technology as we get to see the beauty of nature and Space every single day in social media now.



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