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An old video of a man bottle-feeding to tigers takes the internet by storm once again

This video of a man bottle-feeding to tigers was all taken before and it once again is now trending on the Internet. Many social media users were absolutely amazed by seeing this video once again and for many, it was the first time that they were watching it and they were completely shocked. A Twitter account called absolute units posted this clip once again and it went instantly viral.

 So this clip of a man feeding to tigers lasted for 27 seconds and as soon as I got posted once again it started getting many views and comments. Within 20 hours of being available online, the video clip got more than 300000 views and it keeps on increasing every single second. In the video clip, a man is actually seen standing with two milk bottles and two massive tigers approached him by climbing onto his shoulders. Each tiger climbs at each of his shoulders from either side and he puts the two milk bottles into their respective mouths. The big cats put their paws over the man’s thighs and drink from the feeding bottle. Well at first it really looks scary as the two tigers are really closely standing to the man and the man is fearlessly standing in between both of the tigers.

 But as the video keeps getting shared and appearing on your page, again and again, it really starts getting exciting to watch it over and over again. The caption of this video clip was “Feeding two units.” where the short video clip got crazy viral again and many social media users started posting reviews and comments in the comment section of the video. Some of the users also said that the man was playing with death by being so close to such huge tigers and this act could lead to dangerous consequences as tigers are super wild animals and can easily get triggered too.

A few other users also stated and commented that such a bond between a man and a tiger is really unique to watch and thus this video is really super entertaining and getting highly shared by many social media users right now. Well, the fact that the man was so fearless and doesn’t care so much to stand close to those animals is really mesmerizing.

 Videos like this often get shared easily on social media accounts and we often see that people tend to share a unique bond even with the very dangerous wild animals existing in this world. Well whether it is a true danger to them or not by being so close to such wild animals is not so very clear. However netizens every time tend to come up with such video content that goes viral for days and keeps people especially social media users entertained.



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