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At the age of 66, Lorraine More makes India proud! Read to know why ?

We all know that age is just a number for the ones who have the will to succeed in anything they want. If you have the willpower to achieve something great in your life, then nothing, not even your age can stop you to do so. We have come across many such inspiring stories of people who have actually proved this fact with their success. Similarly, Lorraine More (66) has proved this fact with her win. Lorraine More, age 66, has won a gold medal for India by lifting 165kgs in the ongoing Asian Classic and Equipped powerlifting and bench press championship, in Istanbul, Turkey. She has won the medal in the master’s 3 categories (60-69 age group).

Well, if you want to know the secret behind her strength at this age, it was the aim of how to keep bone density issues away after the age of 60 that brought More, to the world of powerlifting. It all started with a journey beginning with lifting tiny two-kilogram dumbbells at her home, and now, she lifts weights of 165kgs with ease and she aims for bigger and better.

“It is a myth that after the age of 50 women cannot lift heavyweights. For women everything is possible and their body has the power to stay fit and stronger even after the age of 60. I just want to show all women what they are capable of,” said Lorraine More, from Istanbul who is also now getting ready in order to win another gold medal in the classic powerlifter act scheduled on Monday.

For her first international gold medal, More lifted 165 kg – Bench press (30kg), squat (60kg), and deadlift (75kg) in the equipped power lift squad category, and More won individual gold medals in all three categories and earned overall gold medals.

“When I started training, I had never thought of entering a competition, it was my son Rohan who was getting trained by Omkar Chincholkar, along with them I also started training,” More said.

“In eight months, we saw her improvement and capability of lifting weight and we thought of giving it a try to a powerlifting competition. We focussed on building strength, mobility and flexibility and she has not been even injured once in the last two years,” explains Omkar Chincholkar, the owner of Omfit Health and Fitness Solution.

Until now, the journey of powerlifting is the golden path for More. She has won eight gold medals in the district, state, national and international tournaments.

“When I first competed in the district championship, I won gold which gave me more confidence and after that, I kept improving my performance. Along with Omkar, I got help from senior coach Girish Binjwe and both are the reason for what I have achieved today,” said More who planned to participate in the Asia Pacific powerlifting championship in Taiwan in 2020, but due to the Covid-19 restrictions, she waited longer to win an international medal.

Rohan, who himself has tried powerlifting, is on the moon after his mother has won the gold for the nation. He said, “It was her dream to represent India in the international tournament and winning the gold medal in debut overseas tournament is the best thing that has happened.”

This tournament is organized by the international powerlifting federation, the Asian powerlifting federation.

“She always had the determination to perform better. This attitude has helped her to achieve success,” said the Senior coach Binjwe.

Lorraine and son Rohan, jointly own Japalouppe, which is an equestrian academy spread over 19 acres in the outskirts of Pune which also has 63 horses.

Difference between powerlifting and weightlifting:

  • In powerlifting the aim is to lift as heavy as possible in a single plane of motion, that is, squat, bench or deadlift.
  • In weightlifting, two movements are included, snatch and clean and jerk, which are executed much faster.
  • In weightlifting, the difference is that people, the competitors, are judged on not only how much they can lift but on their technical skill and the control of the lift too.
  • Powerlifting (bench press only) is a Paralympic sport. On the other hand, weightlifting is an Olympic sport.


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