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This new Chinese Invention will blow your mind!

We all know about the increasing use of technology in our day to day life. As the use of technology is increasing, the use of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is also increasing at the same phase, as most of our work can be done in an easier way using AI. The impact of AI technology is increasing a lot, as it is now known the importance of the AI in our lives and the way it helps to make the busy life more easier. AI surely gathers momentum worldwide. So of course the upcoming generation will be surely dependent on the AI technology for even the small works, and this has been started now.

Well, we come across such information or articles about the gadgets based on AI technology that amaze us with its uses. And now, according to the reports, it is known that China has developed an AI “prosecutor” too, which can charge people using the high-end technology, sounds amazing doesn’t it?

As per the Chinese researchers, the AI “prosecutor” has such an ability to file charges against an accused with over 97 per cent accuracy which will be based on verbal description.

As per the reports, it is known that the machine has been built by Shanghai Pudong People’s Procuratorate. According to a paper published by Chinese researchers, they informed through it that the AI technology proved to be helpful in order to lessen the workload of prosecutors as it has the ability of replacing the prosecutors in the decision-making process in some cases.

This new technology made by the Chinese scientists can reportedly be used on a desktop computer as it analyses billions of data stored in its system. And it is also reportedly known that the AI machine was  trained with the help of thousands of cases between 2015 to 2020. So, it is trained in such a way that it can reportedly spot dangerous driving, frauds related to credit card, gambling operations including theft and fraud with upgrades, which are likely to be put into the system by the researchers.

However, even though this use of AI technology sounds super amazing and exciting, if we think deeper, of course it has some drawbacks too. Thus, there are some prosecutors who are wary about the new technology, as they say the “AI prosecutor” can make some mistakes in complicated cases. Also, it has to be noted that it has been trained in previous cases and would make it unreliable in new cases under ever changing social environments. 

Some German prosecutors have also used AI technology with the use of image recognition and digital forensics so that they can increase the case processing speed and accuracy.

China’s prosecutors were early adopters as they began using AI in around 2016. Many of them now use an AI tool known as System 206, as the tool can evaluate the strength of evidence, conditions for an arrest and how dangerous a suspect can be considered to be to the public.

But all existing AI tools have a limited role, because “they do not participate in the decision-making process of filing charges and [suggesting] sentences”, Shi and other colleagues said.

Making such decisions would require a machine to identify and also to remove any contents of a case file that are irrelevant to a crime, but without removing the useful information. The machine should also be able to convert complex, ever-changing human language into a standard mathematical or geometric format that a computer could understand easily.

Recently, UK’s MI-6 chief Richard Moore also said that, “Chinese intelligence services are highly capable and continue to conduct large scale espionage operations against the UK and our allies.”
Richard Moore had also expressed concern over the Chinese government’s attempt in order to “distort public discourse” and “political decision-making across the globe” as he made a point that  “adversaries are pouring money and ambition into mastering artificial intelligence and quantum computing.”

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Sneha Sivakumar
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