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#BanNetflix trends on Twitter as Netflix releases Mani Ratnam’s film Navarasa

Mani Ratnam movies are always a superhit. His movies always depend upon certain and deep-meaning stories. Many Mani Ratnam fans always wait for his movie to get released as his movies are highly appreciated. Recently Mani Ratnam has released his movie Navarasa on Netflix which is a 9 part anthology titled movie. This movie contains 9 films that show the nine emotions. Navarasa was released on Netflix on Friday. As soon as it got released the netizens were so fast to express their views on this movie and overall it received mixed reviews on social media. However recently the movie is facing some controversies as many people believe that the movie is hurting religious sentiments.

And as a result, people believe that it is hurting the religious sentiment #BanNetflix started trending on Twitter in a short time. So what is the reason that #BanNetflix trending on Twitter? This anthology aired at 12:30 p.m. on Friday on Netflix. As everyone was sharing their thoughts the Raza academy organization found something and called for strict action immediately against the streaming platform. The reason was that according to Raza academy they used a Quran verse for the film’s advertisement in a Tamil newspaper called The Daily Thanthi newspaper. The treat made by Raza academy took Twitter. They tweeted “Netflix has published a verse of the Quran and advertisement of its film Navarasa in Daily Thanthi newspaper. This is an insult to the Quran. We demand strict action against @NetflixIndia #BanNetflix #BanDailyThanthiNews #TahaffuzeQuran”.

In addition to this, they also printed the Quran in the film poster which triggered many religious emotions. This ad was the ad of one of the short films in the film, titled Inmai, starring Sidharth and Parvati as in the lead roles. Rathindran R Prasad is the director of this short film.

As soon as this tweet came into the spotlight, many netizens started reacting to it and also started trending #BanNetflix and #BanDailyThanthiNews on the microblogging site. Many shared their thoughts about hurting the religious feelings of people. Many also share that the streaming platform is the same as the Hindu religion. While many commented that when it was the time that the streaming platform hurt Hindu emotions, Muslims did nothing and now it’s hurting them. This definitely leads to great chaos on Twitter:

  • “Why do you print the Quran in a film poster?”
  • “Don’t play with our emotions”
  • “Until yesterday Muslims were speaking in favor of freedom of expression on Netflix because Hinduism was also targeted, today they are trending #BanNetflix. Please don’t ban.
  • “#BanNetflixIslam is not for entertainment purpose it belongs to dignity and religious beliefs”
  • “#RazaAcademy requests Mumbai police commissioner @CPMumbaiPolice to register a complaint against the Navarasa, a Tamil web series launched on Netflix.”
  • “#BanNetfix we will not accept any insult on any holy book whether it belongs to any religion because no religion will say the opposite religion is wrong, be united, don’t fight, in the end, all are equal”
  • “We will not accept any insult to the Quran”

As some of them were serious about banning Netflix, there are some people who don’t want Netflix to get banned. Many people have also started making memes on this scenario. So it is overall a mixed reaction to this scenario as some want Netflix to get banned while some don’t want so.

Navarasa is a movie that is jointly produced by Mani Ratnam, Jayendra Panchapakesan, which is a nine-film anthology that is actually based on nine emotions, fear, anger, compassion, romance, valor, laughter, wonder, peace, and disgust.



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