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Twitter removed and then restored the verified badge from MS Dhoni’s account as fans couldn’t stay calm!

The Indian Cricket captain MS Dhoni is one of the most popular cricketers and also enjoys a large massive following on all social media platforms. But on Friday, the microblogging site Twitter shocked everyone as it removed the blue tick, which is the verification mark of the site, from captain MS Dhoni’s official account. Dhoni is surely trending now and then on social media platforms and is also most popular, his social media has a massive fan following, then why did Twitter remove this blue tick?

This step of Twitter towards MS Dhoni made all the netizens and especially Dhoni fans question this step. It also made some fans angry. There’s no doubt that even after retiring from international cricket, he still has a massive fan following. He has an 8.2 million fan following on Twitter, 26 million, and 34.5 million followers on Facebook and Instagram respectively.  Then what’s the reason to do so?

The actual reason is that Dhoni is nowadays not so active on his social media accounts. And especially on Twitter, it’s been around 8 months since he’s active on the site. His last tweet was on January 8th, made by him. Since then he’s not so active on the platform. As per the rules of the microblogging site, if a verified account user is not active or is incomplete, then the site may remove the verification badge from the account. But as you know, Dhoni fans are not going to stay calm when it comes to Dhoni. So netizens started reacting and tweeting their thoughts and as a result, started trending “MS Dhoni” and “Inactive” on the social media platforms.

Here are the reactions of netizens on this step of Twitter:

  • “Blue tick is nothing in front of these blue images.” and then shared Dhoni’s photos in his blue Indian jersey.
  • “#MSDhoni  Blue tick kahan hai!”
  • “Twitter removes the blue tick on MS Dhoni’s account. Hardcore fans after realizing that MSD’s account is now the same as theirs: Bhagwan apna mandir chodkar hamare sath rehene aaye hai. 
  • “Blue tick of @msdhoni Twitter has been removed. Now it’s time to #BanTwitter”
  • “#MSDhoni trending at no. 2 in India…just a drama happened here with the blue tick and again he trended”

Some fans made a lot of memes on this, saying that Dhoni doesn’t even care what Twitter is doing with his account, while some fans got disappointed by this step of Twitter. After observing the reactions of the fans by Twitter, Twitter also restored the verification mark of  MSD’s account. And on this restoration too, many fans made memes on Twitter.

  • ” Twitter returns MS Dhoni’s blue tick lol”
  • ” Jo World cup la sakta hai, use blue tick wapas lana bahut choti chiz hai. Blue tick is back!
  • Boys relax… tick wapas aagaya”
  • “Mahi’s blue  tick is back…due to crazy fans”
  • “#MSDhoni Thala blue tick is back… Indian fans:- Twitter darr Gaya re baba.”   

In reply to the email sent by ANI, Twitter said, “Thanks for your email. The verified badge of MS Dhoni’s Twitter account has been restored by Twitter. The referenced account has been inactive since February 2021.”

All fans knew that MS Dhoni doesn’t even care about all this news, but Twitter was not able to control the fans. The power of fans indeed was the reason behind the restoration of the verified badge. Although Dhoni didn’t react to anything on this topic, by seeing the trends made by the fans, Twitter managed to restore the verification badge within 2-3 hours.

There is no comparison of the power of fans and their love for our cricket captain MS Dhoni.



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