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Big fat Indian wedding on JCB goes viral now!

It is true that we Indians love our weddings. From different functions to rituals it is a whole package. And also the Indian weddings are famous for having huge numbers of guests.  Every Indian couple wants their big fat Indian wedding to be different. From events to dresses, it is common for us to come up with a twist to stand out. Well currently such a video of an Indian wedding is going crazy viral on the internet. The clip shows a baraat proceeding on the JCBs. Yes you read that right. The location in the video is a snowy area. It is in Himachal Pradesh and the wedding has gone viral now.

This Indian wedding couple took it to a whole new level for sure. Well, they made their Indian wedding totally an extravaganza event. Also, a lot of thought goes into planning for sure in it. It is common for the bride to have a grand entry plant in their wedding. Many brides go for different ideas to have a grand entry. Well, this bride and the groom at the wedding venue shocked everyone for sure. 

We have previously come across the bride and groom arriving on elephants. Some videos also showed them entering on horses. While couples also drive into the venue on bikes and auto rickshaws. Yes, we have seen it all. But this baraat in Shimla, Himachal Pradesh, is at a new level. The couple got the idea of JCB to ferry them. The entire Baraat used JCB to travel to and fro from the wedding venue.

Well, it was not a grand entry, but a solution for the snowy area for sure. It was snowing heavily on Sunday. On the same day Vijay Prakash was ready for his wedding in Shimla’s Giripar area. The wedding procession was difficult to manage. They had to reach till Dalyanu. Well, that’s when the family faced a roadblock. The Roads were not open due to heavy snowfall and rain. Thus the family came up with an improvement. Their plan to reach the wedding venue went viral. 

The ‘baraat’ came in two excavators.  The processions went on to the bride’s home. They traveled on the JCB machines and also brought her back in the JCB. In the viral clip you can also actually hear a native wedding song. The song in the background and the JCB ride. What a wedding for sure!

Twitter handler Anilkimta shared the video on January 24. When he spoke to, he stated that the marriage happened on January 23 at 12:30 pm. 

As they were facing snowfall and rain, the road was not open. Thus the family faced problems to reach till Dalyanu. The groom’s father Jagat Singh then came up with the excavators. They had to travel fkr 30 kilometers. Well, the groom reached the Girpar area to pick up the bride. Bride Shakuntala also traveled in JCB. Ten people, including the groom’s brother Surendra were in the excavator. Also, father Jagat Singh and a photographer were there. The marriage rituals took place in the excavator too.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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