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This is how the internet reacts to the matka dosa!

Well many social media users love watching the food videos. It is true that it is one form of entertainment for others to watch amazing street food videos. Also especially when many people avoid going out much in a pandemic. When it comes to Indian street food, we know how much of a fan following it has. Thus many social media pages on food and Street foods especially go viral too. 

How can we forget, when it’s a street food topic surely Delhi pops in. The name of the state often arises when we talk about Street foods. As Delhi is so famous for street foods, such a video is going crazy viral from Delhi. The video is from a street food shop which is  in Delhi. Well, in the video we social media users can get a glimpse of dosa. It is not a normal dosa but is actually the matka dosa. The clip of ‘matka dosa’ is going super viral on many social media platforms now. 

Well, it is famous but for the wrong reasons. Many social media users actually hate the idea of having dosa in the matka.  The video was initially available to us by Twitter user Thamarai Kannan (@i_kannan).  In the video clip you can see a vendor making an extremely buttery and cheesy dosa. Well, who hates a buttery dosa? In the two-part video, you can see him literally bathing the dosa in butter which seems too much for many. Next, in the clip he proceeds to add onions and tomatoes. He also adds some capsicum. 

Then the mixture is all covered with a whole block of cheese. The shredded cheese is then covered with the odd combination of different spices. A whole masala mix having mint mayonnaise. Also tandoori mayonnaise, schezwan sauce.  Coconut chutney and full cream is part of the recipe. Next, he mashes the ingredients together. 

Everything just turns into an orange-coloured gravy. The process of making the dosa just becomes weird with tomato juice. The mix is then finally coming to an end with paneer pieces. Then a chunk of butter is in the mix and he melts it with a blow torch. The weird gravy is poured into a clay pot. The matka had a conical dosa after it passed from the pan. The dosa’s rim has a lot of fresh cream. There is also coriander, butter and more cheese there. This dish is famous as the “Matka Dosa”. 

Well, it failed to impress many foodies on the social media platforms. Although the recipe has a lot in it, many hated the ideas of  matka dosa. Also social media users who came across it went for hashtags. It was like #Leavethedosaalone and #SaveDosa. We social media users often come across many food experiments in different food pages. Previously the ideas of the Rooh Afza Maggie and Puttu ice cream were trending. The shock to the culinary world was truly high.  Well, some experiments did receive a lot of love from the food lovers. However this experiment with dosa did not impress many.

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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