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Bihar forest guard’s speech after rescuing a venomous snake wins praises online

Well, we all know that the sight of snakes is enough to get frightened, even for the brave ones. So either by reflex or purposely people attempt to kill or beat the snake, whenever it gets spotted. But a forest official in Bihar used this as an opportunity to spread awareness and to educate the villagers about the important role these creatures play in nature after they spotted a venomous snake. 

Forest guard Anil Kumar from Bihar took it as an opportunity to spread awareness about the important role of the snake after the villagers spotted the snake in their area and got frightened. Well according to some reports it is known that the snake was a banded krait, which is actually a highly venomous snake belonging to the cobra family, but luckily the snake was rescued from the village. 

A video of forest guard Anil Kumar giving a speech on the importance of snakes has been circulating on the internet and it’s trending now. In the video, it can be seen that Kumar is standing in the middle surrounded by the villagers as he is giving the speech. In the clip Kumar can be heard saying, “we do not have to be scared. We have to be alert”, while he was addressing the residents of the Pharigola village in Kishanganj.

Kumar then says that as humans, snakes are also a part of the ecosystem and he says that they both need to coexist. He says, ” without their existence life on Earth is incomplete.” He adds that this creature has been created by the almighty for a particular purpose. 

While concluding the speech he then thanks the villagers as later the authorities rescues the poisonous snake instead of killing the reptile as it is usually done. Anil Kumar’s said that the rescue snake will be freed. “If something like this ever happens again, I request you all to alert us and not kill the snake. No matter what hour it is, alert us,” he said.

The video was shared on Twitter by Dipak Kumar Singh, an IAS officer. As he uploaded this video he wrote the caption which reads, “Together we can, Together we will! A Banded Krait, highly venomous, found in the Terai region, was successfully rescued by our forest officials from Pharingola village of Kishanganj, Bihar. Salute to Forest Guard, Anil Kumar for impromptu speech to create awareness.”

The video clip is now viral which has led many on social media to praise the forest guard for spreading awareness and spending his time giving a speech on awareness to all the villagers.

A Twitter user wrote, “Excellent effort. Spreading public awareness by the officer Anil Kumar speaks a lot about his motivation.” While the other one wrote, “Definitely we will work together for betterment for wildlife & creatures. We have such honest officers like Anil Kumar & aware people.” Yet another one commented, “Excellent effort with clear thoughts!”

Indeed this little step by the forest guard is winning everyone’s hearts out there!

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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