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Why Hardik Pandya misses India’s fielding innings against Pakistan ?

There was a lot of talk going around on Hardik Pandya’s injury and fitness before the start of the T20 World Cup 2021. As the game got started more questions were raised rather than answered. This is not about this issue of not having an all-rounder in the team who will fill the role as the 6th bowler, but it’s also regarding how Pandya managed it. 

In the batting against the Pakistan team, Hardik Pandya was at the crease for 8 balls but while he was there he felt some kind of issue with his shoulder as it was able to see that he was not feeling well completely. In addition to this, it was concerning because Hardik Pandya didn’t enter the field to play in the second innings, it was Ishan Kishan who was seen on the field. 

source = sportstar.thehindu

And one of the issues here is Hardik Pandya’s body is not at its best state in recent times. According to some reports, it was known that his back has some issues due to which he can’t bowl. As a pacer, it is important to take care of the body because both upper and lower body issues are concerning. In addition to this, if prolonged injuries are caused, then it just doesn’t break the momentum but also causes several issues with their careers. 

Especially when it comes to Hardik Pandya, the saga of him having some injury is just not ending. It was expected that he would bowl ahead of the second leg of the IPL 2021, as he had done that for India in white-ball cricket in 2021. But once he arrived at the second leg in UAE he was injured. Adding to this, there were not enough clearances obtained from the National Cricket academy on his fitness levels. 

Hardik Pandya has also missed out on some of the matches in the second leg of IPL 2021 and according to some updates which were regarding the T20 World Cup it came to know that he might be able to bowl a couple of overs if required. And as his shoulders were not working properly, it can be also said that India’s balance is in Big danger. 

Well, for now, there is no idea for the extent of Hardik Pandya’s injury and actually, there should be an announcement anytime soon. Well as Hardik Pandya still experiences some problems with his shoulder and back, India just has a week now for their game against New Zealand and in this one week, they may get Hardik’s shoulder back and make him fit for the game. 

And talking about the options which are concerned, India did get Venkatesh Iyer as a net bowler, as Venkatesh Iyer is someone who can do what the Pandya did, but it is the experience of batting lower down the order which he lacks.

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