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Biryani bill of INR 27 lakh received by PCB! Know the reason here

Recently news went viral where the Newzealand cricket board canceled their tour of Pakistan as they had some security concerns last Friday and it was followed by the England and Wales cricket board (ECB) as they withdrew their men’s and women’s team from their schedule for the Pakistan country in October. And because of this cricket fans seem to have a huge loss as they waited for months and this tour has been canceled now. But along with this, the Pakistan cricket board has also faced a lot of financial losses. As per the reports of the media, they are set to incur this huge financial loss due to the withdrawal of both teams. 

Many security stars were hired for security to kiwi players and they were also served the Biryani twice a day. But no one had an idea that this would cause the Pakistan Cricket Board 27 lakh! Yes, you read that right! Pakistan cricket board hired 5 SPs and also over 500 SSPs (police officers) in an order to give a high level of security to the kiwi players, and they also included the Pakistani army in Islamabad and Rawalpindi. But now the Pakistan cricket board has to shell out around 27 lakh to pay all the food bills of the officers who were appointed for the security of a New Zealand team. 

The New Zealand cricket pulled out its team from Pakistan after the doubt had some security issues and also found some intel of a possible attack which would have possibly taken place outside a Rawalpindi stadium. According to a statement which was made by New Zealand cricket after calling off the tour, they said, “The side was to play Pakistan this evening in the first of three ODI in Rawalpindi before moving to Lahore for a 5 match T20 series. However, following and escalation in the New Zealand government threat levels of Pakistan and advice from NZC security advisors on the ground that it has been decided that the BLACKCAPS will not continue with the tour.”

All the cricket fans of Pakistan, the team management, and Shoaib Akhtar – the former fast bowler, were seething with anger after the New Zealand cricket team called off their tour of Pakistan. The moment before the first ODI slated to commence at the cricket stadium in Rawalpindi, The Kiwis abandoned their tour on September 17. As per the statement which was released by the New Zealand cricketer it mentioned that they have called off the tour to Pakistan because they seem to have some security threats. Well on September 18th, Blackcaps has to return to their home, the Pakistan cricket board also arranged a chartered flight for them. Jacinda Arden, the Prime Minister of New Zealand earlier said that for them the safety and security of the cricketers was their utmost priority above everything. The New Zealand cricket squad returned to their home and reached there on Wednesday, September 22. The cricket board also said that they were aware of a specific and credible threat but did not give any details regarding it. 

In the aftermath of terror attacks against the Sri Lankan side in 2009, international cricket in Pakistan was suspended but it slowly divided over the past two years. But this new Zealand’s withdrawal has led to a massive blow to Pakistan’s hope for starting regular international cricket.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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