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THIS variety of grapes cost up to Rs 33,000 per bunch! Know Why ?

A variety of grapes is grown in Japan, the Ruby Roman is a unique variety of grapes that is almost four times bigger than the average type. But the price of these grapes is shocking and in fact, it is sky-high. Even when the netizens came to know about this news people were also shocked that a bunch of Ruby Roman can be sold as high as 450 USD, which can be said as, more than 33,000 rupees!

According to the report of the business insider, if the color of the fruit will match the same color of the approved color palette then this single bunch can also be sold in the price range of 90 to 450 USD. Although its size is 4 times bigger than the average size of a grape, it is not the only thing that makes the grapes famous. Including the price range of the variety of grapes, the close inspection of the unique Ruby Roman grapes before being approved is one more thing that makes this variety of grapes unique. Talking about the inspection, these bunches are selected based on their uniform color, unusual size, and taste. 

The chief researcher at the Ishikawa Prefectural University of Japan, Hiroshi Isu, told the business insider that compared to Ruby Roman, there is no other variety of grapes in the world as large and red as this variety. And thus the fruit becomes valuable and price worthy. 

The inspector of Ruby Roman grapes at the Japan Agricultural Cooperatives, Kazuyoshi Sakurai, told a news website that they take into consideration very specific criteria to scrutinize each and every grape that grows well in the Kahoku City of Japan. Talking about this, Sakurai further said, “The first is Ruby Roman’s color. The second is the size of the grains. Each grape must be at least 20 grams and we make sure that it is at least 30 millimeters in size.” Adding to this, he further said that the sugar content must be measured and it has to be over 18%. 

Well according to some news reports the grapes are divided into three categories and this goes by the superior grapes, the specific period grapes, and the premium. 

Talking about the premium quality, Sakurai said if the normal Ruby Roman grape grain weighs 29 grams, the premium must be over 30 grams. Out of most of the normal Ruby Roman grapes, only one or two bunches qualify as the premium bunches of the variety of grape. Although these grades are divided into three categories, all Ruby Roman grapes have a great sweet flavor. 

As per some reports farmers always aim to sell 1 bunch of these premium grapes for over $1000. Why two bunches made to cut this year valent 2020 and 2019 no grapes were qualified for the premium quality. Well at auction which was a conductor in 2020 a single bunch of Ruby Roman grapes was sold for $12000. 

But when the people started knowing about these luxury Japanese grapes they all faced great shock and some people were also curious about the taste and to know what makes them so precious. The price of the grapes has triggered many reactions online and people cannot stop commenting under the post of the business insider regarding these luxury Japanese grapes. 

One user comments “I don’t even really like crepes but they look so tantalizing”. While another commented that “they do look super juicy and crisp can’t lie. But still a ridiculous price.”  Another user was not ready to pay this much amount for a bunch of grapes and talking about the same the user commented, “I respect the culture but ain’t no way I am ever paying that much for grapes.”

Will surely people have a mixed reaction over this luxury fruit!

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
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