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Bride enjoys Maggi as she gets ready on her wedding day. ‘Dulha Wait Karega’!

Often many videos, especially of the cool modern brides, get very viral on the Internet and always take the internet by storm. Well, currently a video of a Desi bride is getting so crazy viral that the video is now one of the most viewed videos. The bride was spotted eating Maggi in the video on her big day.  

Well, in the video you can clearly see the beautiful brode digging into the treat while getting ready and all the Maggi lovers can relate to it. Indian weddings are no less than a festival and can be really tiresome not only for the family members but also for the bride and groom too. There are literally so many rituals and multiple celebratory events that go on for days and all the huge number of diverse rituals and customs are a must to follow in a typical Indian wedding. 

When you have so much stress and work, it is common to get hungry and the same thing happened with this Desi bride. Getting ready with heavy makeup and lehenga can surely get you hungry and it is understandable. In the midst of all the wedding ceremonies, a bride deserves to enjoy her delicious treat just like the one in the video. Brides have a variety of things and have many cravings for yummy snacks on their big day, which has become very common as seen in many videos on the internet. Well, this quirky bride was caught on the camera while eating Maggi noodles. 

She’s also seen simultaneously getting ready for her wedding ceremony. This amazing video was shared on Instagram by the handle @mua_mis_tanuarora. The  account is handled by the makeup artist who was the makeup artist of the bride. Now this video of the bride has gone viral and got more than 2.9 million views and 97.6k likes since the time it was available online. In the short clip, the Indian bride gets ready and the person recording the video asks her, “Kya lagi hai?”.

The beautiful bride replies, “Bhookh!” She then enjoys her Maggi Noodles. When this beautiful bride was asked how long the groom would have to wait she said, “Dulha wait karega!” She then added “Ek aadha ghanta. Do bhi ho sakte hain!” Instagram users who came across a video of this beautiful foodie bride loved that she didn’t mind making her groom wait. Many social media users also tagged their foodie friends in the comments section of the video. “Me at my wedding,” said one the users. Well, another social media user wrote, “I am also maggie lover!”

Swetha Sivakumar
Swetha Sivakumar
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