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A video of a squirrel holding the hand of a woman is taking the internet by storm!

Adorable animal videos of something that is a dose of happiness on your boring day. Well if you are looking for such a video then this currently going viral video of a squirrel will melt your heart as it has been doing for many netizens already. A video of a squirrel holding the hand of a woman is something that has hit the headlines now and people cannot just get enough of the cuteness of the squirrel seen in the video. The adorable TikTok clip winning the internet shows the tiny animal waiting near a parked car. The squirrel is on the grass when the woman approaches it. She looks at the squirrel and says “Well hello,” and the woman from behind the camera crouches down next to the animal. 

She is then seen caressing it gently. “Were you just waiting for me, Mr. Turkey-butt?” she asked the animal while recording the moment of her cute interaction with the adorable squirrel. “Whatcha doing, precious? What’s been going on today?” the woman, Cindy Jenkins (@pipthebabysquirrel) from Eustis, Florida is seen asking the animal. As she keeps giving head scratches, the little animal is seen enjoying her presence. 

The adorable squirrel then does something that will totally amaze you. The little one then is seen quickly grabbing the women singers with its tiny little paws and begins to nuzzle against it. All the medicines watch the video below left awestruck and solid. This video is totally and heartwarming. The video has got more than 4 million views on the video app. The cute footage also made its way onto other social media platforms, leaving all the social media users very happy. Cindy then explained that she formed a special bond with the squirrel called Turkey when she found it and cared for it last year. “Turkey is a rescue squirrel who was released with his sisters about a year ago.

They’ve all stayed close by, have nests and babies,” Jenkins told Storyful. “Turkey is sweet and mellow, and although he’s a wild squirrel now he still loves his Momma,” she then added. Many social media users who watched the video said that they were really jealous of the movement and also some of them stated how cute and adorable the little squirrel is. A few netizens also pointed out that it is not right for the woman to get so close with young squirrels as The The Humane Society of the United States, young squirrels that continuously approach people have likely been abandoned by their mothers.

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