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Bride refuses to enter the wedding venue in the viral video! Know the shocking reason behind it

When it’s your wedding you always want to be perfect as per your choice and nothing is wrong with it. In Indian weddings, one of the main things that everybody always considers is the bride’s entry and the song to play. And of course, you cannot blame a bride for being so annoyed if her favorite song is not playing at her wedding. Every bride wants her wedding entry to be grand such that everyone remembers it forever and this bride wanted it too.  Her video is now going crazy viral on several social media platforms and people got amazed by the bride.

On August 15, Shivani Pippel shared a video in which she’s seen refusing to enter her own wedding venue because the song she wanted to play during her grand entry did not play. In the video, the annoyed bride was also seen saying “vahi lagega usko bolo, maine bola tha”. The exact translation of this line by the bride in English is “tell him to put on that song. I told him.” She told her friends and family members in an annoying tone and everyone tried to calm her down in the video by saying that the track would change soon and her favorite song will play for her grand entry. Shivani Pippel, the beautiful bride wearing a pink lehenga in the video, was almost close to tears because of the wrong song that was being played.

In the video further she’s seen saying “usko bolo piya mohe ghar aaye lagaega.” This line means “asking to play piya mohe ghar aaye.” The bride shared the video and it took the internet by storm. The video currently has more than 1000 comments and it has more than 1 lakh likes. Many people in the comment section got amazed by the bride as well as her adorable video. Also, many social media users said that they could relate to the bride’s irritation and the urge to cry because the wrong song got played on her special day.

A bride always wants her wedding to be the best and even small mistakes can get her annoyed. Some social media users who watched the video also wondered whether this was all the performance set by the bride just to make her wedding more interesting. Now the clip has been currently reported by several social media and Instagram users over the last few days and it just keeps increasing the popularity of the bride as well as an adorable video. At the end of the video, you can see the bride getting her perfect bridal entry as she always dreamt of. All the tunes of her favorite song are playing and she tells the DJ to play the song soon. Soon, she enters the wedding venue with a huge smile on her beautiful face. While sharing the video she also wrote “moment later [the] song was played.”

Nowadays the modern brides never tend to lose to shock us with their amazing wedding videos and this is just one example of it. Sabse shocking video of a bride from Kerala also went viral last year when she ditched the conventional bridal entry work and instead went for a fun dance. Many comments that were on Instagram stated that many brides did the same thing when such a fault happened on their wedding day too. Well, this was the viral adorable video of a bride in pink lehenga being stubborn to enter the venue until the bridal entry song gets played by the DJ.

Sneha Sivakumar
Sneha Sivakumar
I am Sneha Sivakumar, a writer who fell in love with Creative Writing, and loves to provide entertaining articles about famous personalities.


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