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Sakina Khatun becomes the only female powerlifter to represent India in Paralympics

 Indian powerlifter Sakina Khatun finished fifth in the women’s 50 kg category of powerlifting finals which is ongoing in the Tokyo Paralympics. The round was conducted on Friday and Sakina had already won a bronze medal in the Commonwealth games too. The powerful player successfully lifted 90 kg in her first tightened and was not able to go 190 kg and thus she became the Indian para-powerlifter who returned home without having won a medal. The Chinese powerlifter Ha Dandan, won the gold medal as she lifted 120 kg while Egypt’s player Rehab Ahmad got the silver medal. 

Talking about Olivia Brome of Great Britain, she won the bronze medal in the women’s 50kg powerlifting finals in the Tokyo Paralympics on Friday. Sakina Khatun initially did very well as she lifted 90 kg in her first attempt itself.  She has ranked 1 ahead of Lidiia Soloviova over Ukraine. Also occupied the top Post with the lift of 104 kg of weight. When the first round came to an end Sakina Khatun was in sixth place. Well, Egypt’s player Ahmed took the spot at the top of the list by lifting the weight of 117 kg. Well, Sakina tried her best. However, she couldn’t lift the 93 kg weight in a second attempt and went again with the same weight. This time she lifted to move to the fifth spot. 

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However, her efforts were not enough to get her the medal, and thus she couldn’t get a medal. However, India and the fans are very proud of her as she became the very first Indian female powerlifter who went to compete in the prestigious games of the Paralympics.  Sakina Khatun is a Bangalore-born Paralympian and she is also the only female parrot in the entire history of India to win a medal at the Commonwealth games. Khatun also made India proud by getting a silver medal in the para powerlifting World Cup which was conducted in Dubai. The 32-year-old para-athlete is a living example of nothing is impossible and has an inspiring journey that made her fans more proud. 

Sakina Khatun for polio to become India’s first female power left to enter into the Tokyo Paralympics and also so as a side she went through for surgeries to survive the deadly disease. She always had a passion for sports and that kept her busy. Sakina started her journey with sports via swimming but later she started training for powerlifting after completing her class 12th in 2010. Sakina’s journey began from getting selected for the 2014 Commonwealth games where she won the bronze in the 61 kg category by lifting a weight of 88.2 KG. Many youngsters across the country and several social media users are sending her inspiring messages and she herself is an inspiration to many.

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