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BTS ARMY demands an apology? #WeDemandApology trends on Twitter!

The global sensational K-pop band BTS is always known for their beautiful songs, their down-to-earth character, and the number of fan following they have! When we talk about the love between BTS and their ARMY, all we can say is that it is pure, and  ARMY will always try to save BTS from any type of controversies. It’s been just a few days that Ananya Pandey got trolled by BTS ARMY as she made comments on the global sensational K-pop band BTS, now ARMYs are kind of disappointed due to the Spanish podcast and they are demanding an apology from them.

A Spanish podcast, conducted by 5 radio jockeys got aired on Tuesday night, that is on 17 August, and in that podcast, they described something about the well-known band BTS by listening to which ARMY got really disappointed. In that podcast, the radio Jockeys described the BTS as “Chinese backstreet boys” and not only this, they have also said that the band “have got surgeries done to look like a mix of Asian and North Americans”. Well, of course by listening to this the fans got really upset and in a very short moment of time, they started trending the hashtag, #WeDemandApology, which was, of course by the power of fans, trended at number one in India. And along with this hashtag, another hashtag was also trending which was also related to this. The #StopAsianHate and #XenophobiaIsNotHumor was trending continuously.

BTS ARMY demands

The love of ARMY for the favorite band BTS is everlasting for sure. When everyone came to know about this podcast they got really angry and they started trending these hashtags on Twitter and also shared their thoughts on this. Twitter is now overflowed with loads of comments related to this incident. Have a look add some comments made by netizens:

  • “The fact that they are old enough to know what’s right and wrong, this is disgusting. They didn’t even hesitate to say these words with people listening to them. We demand an apology!!  #WeDemandApology #StopAsianHate #XenophobiaIsNotHumor “
  • “It’s always BTS who suffers from racism. That’s why they use their platform about this because they themselves are experiencing it. EDUCATE YOURSELF TO RESPECT OTHERS. WE DEMAND AN APOLOGY.  #EstoNoEsRadioXenofobico #StopAsianHate #XenophobiaIsNotHumor “
  • “The fact that they are hired as a radio host is just ridiculous. This didn’t even think twice before broadcasting it? This platform should be used to spread positivity and awareness, not xenophobia. WE DEMAND AN APOLOGY. #XenophobiaIsNotHumor  #EstoNoEsRadioXenofobico #StopAsianHate “
  • “Even a 5-year-old know how to respect someone. How can these radio show hosts make racist and xenophobic comments like this?? We demand an apology or a proper explanation.  #EstoNoEsRadioXenofobico #StopAsianHate #XenophobiaIsNotHumor “
  • “The Radio station from my country made really disrespectful comments towards BTS, being xenophobic to them. I translated the part where they talked about them. Please help me to report them. #EstoNoEsRadioXenofobico #StopAsianHate #XenophobiaIsNotHumor

Well, this is not the first time that the famous boy band group BTS is facing such a problem or they are being slammed by a radio show host. The same incident also happened a couple of months ago where a German RJ compared BTS with covid-19. This type of comparison made all the ARMY very upset and at that time too, ARMY came for the support of BTS and demanded an apology.

Whenever BTS has faced any problems related to such an incident, or they are being slammed by any person out there, ARMY comes out to support their boys as much as possible. But these incidents always show the love and the beautiful bond between BTS and their ARMY. As BTS supports their ARMY by making songs to comfort them and shows their love towards them, the same ARMY does by supporting their boys at all costs and showing their love towards BTS. Indeed this shows the strong bond between them!



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