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This video of orchid Mantis is super viral now because of its beauty

Orchid Mantis is one of the most beautiful insects that you will ever find and currently the video of 3 orchid Mantises is going super viral on several social media platforms. These insects are also famously known as Hymenopus Coronatus and they look exactly like the orchid’s flowers. It is very hard to actually differentiate the insect and the flowers and such a beautiful clip by Adrian Kozakiewicz are surely melting to watch. The video is getting thousands of views and likes every single hour and the Instagrammer who initially shared the video has more than 1 million followers now. In the video, you can see the beautiful insects walking on a person’s Palm and each of them has its own beauty which highly replicates the orchids.

It is very hard to see in a crib whether they are the orchid flowers on the insights and thus the club has got millions of views now. The video was shared by Adrian in February but it is going viral now. Orchid Mantis is actually an insect that is present mostly in the tropical forests of Southeast Asia and it is very much famous for its duty. So it is very common for people to misunderstand let as a flower when they take just a glance at it. This insect is also known as the walking flower Mantis orchid Mantis.

Watch the video yourself:

The species has got its name because of its high resemblance to the earth and also to its behavior. People are now mesmerized by seeing the beautiful clip of wild orchid Mantis and the comment sections are all filled with comments which are appreciating the insect’s beauty. The video was initially shared on Instagram but now on other social media platforms to it is going very viral winning the hearts of millions of social media users. The fact that when you first click on the video there is a high chance of you misunderstanding it as a flower rather than an orchid Mantis is surely amazing.

Videos like this show the beauty of nature and also gives us a glimpse of how many beautiful species are out there in the world. The comment section of this video was all filled with words that praise the beauty of the insect wow, beautiful and mesmerizing. The simple caption of the video was “Orchid Mantis (Hymenopus Coronatus).” The video which was shared by Adrian on the official Instagram page has more than 3 lakh likes now and the comment section’s count also keeps increasing. Adrian is an Instagrammer who is often seen sharing videos and pictures of beautiful amazing insects and other creatures in the world. He has more than 1500 posts on his official page where most of his posts include him sharing adorable videos and pictures of different insects.



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